How to Choose a Business Name and Logo Design

There are several brands in the market selling the same services as million others. Then what is it that makes some brands special anddistinctive? Have you ever wondered why KFC or McDonalds are so easily recognizable as compared to other food chains selling exactly the same, even better tasting, food?

The essential elements, when it comes to establishing a brand, are its name and logo. These two are the basic factors that help inculcate brand awareness and hence, are usually the ones that the customers tend to notice first.

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Therefore; keeping in view the importance of a brand’s name and logo design, it is essential for them to be created and designed thoroughly and with precision.This article hence consists of guidelines as to how a brand can decide on a great name and logo for itself.


Choosing a Brand Name


Brand names ought to be unique and exclusive. Also, they should be relevant enough to capture the attention of the customers instantly while giving them an idea of what the brand is about. Here are a few guidelines that companies should consider when deciding upon a name for their brand.

1. Your brand name should be simple for the customers to understand and pronounce. Difficult brand names, rather than capturing attention, create a push factor that pushes the customers away from the idea of getting to know the brand.

2. The brand’s name should be relevant enough for the target market to instantly understand and relate to. Brands can also be bestowed with names that ring the emotional sides of the customers while bringing nostalgia.

3. A good brand name is the one that is easy to recall. Hence, equal focus should be placed on recall as on recognition.

4. The name of the brand should match and align with the image of it. It should contain in itself a story that perfectly reflects the origin or the essence that the brand contains.

5. The brand’s name should tell what the brand is all about and what the company intends to sell under that name. It is always advisable to not keep the customer guessing as to what the brand is all about since with that the chances of the customer’s slipping away increase.

6. Also companies, before opting for a name, should check if the name’s available for use or not. Companies often do not run a check when choosing a name for the brand and often end up with names that are either pretty common or already taken. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, a check should be run.

7. The name shouldn’t be very large, rather a preferable one should have two or three syllables only.

8. Ensure that the name is relevant to the industry that your business operates in. For example ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a name more common for a sweet makerthan for a dental clinic.


Choosing a Logo Design


The next step that follows, after a name for the brand has been decided, is that of designing a logo. A new company logo design should be the one that doesn’t fail in grabbing the customer’s attention while being clean enough for the customers to understand. Here are a few guidelines that companies should consider when designing a logo for the brand.

1. First of all, examining the competitor’s logo is an activity that all companies should perform before a new logo is to be designed. The research allows companies to come up with a design that doesn’t bear similarity to any other design as that of the competitors.

2. Before designing a logo, it is important for a company to decide on what image do they want the logo to give out. It is significant here to make sure that the image remains relevant to the essence of the brand.

3. It is advisable to pick a color for the brand that matches with the personality and traits of the customers. This way the brand will find it easier to connect with its target while building a strong sense of association in them.

4. Always create 4 or 5 different concepts for the logos to choose from.

5. One should always ensure that the design is not complicated enough to be used on different channels. The logo design should be flexible enough to be adjusted on different mediums, in different sizes, without its elements merging into one another when the size is changed.

6. The logo design should look great in black and white as well.

Online logo design services are quite commonly available these days, however; if you want your brand logo to outshine, it is advisable to bestow it with a logo designed by the best logo design company. However; if you are a start-up and spending a lot on design tends to be an impossible task for you then you may opt for a freelance designer to help you with the same.

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These are some questions that are likely to pop up in anyone’s mind that has been bestowed with the task of making the brand hit success. However; following the above-mentioned guidelines, one can go through the task with ease while coming up with a brand name and a logo that have the power to make the brand soar high.


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