7 Important Attributes Your E-commerce Website Design Needs

What is untrue about an E-commerce website being an excellent resource for your business? But it is also correct that when designing an E-commerce website, the design choices and development become a challenge. However, while designing, keep in mind that your E-commerce website design is not fully productive until it doesn’t attract or engage customers. While, in order to achieve this, you want a website design that is appealing as well as simple to navigate. If you can make the buying process easy, your revenue will increase.

While you glance at the most significant E-commerce website samples, you’ll notice that the kinds of items bought, the issue they’re resolving for buyers, as well as the better user experience all play a role in their good fortune. Let’s talk about the additional adjustments that could bring your E-commerce site to another stage when that’s all in order. So, let’s get into it to understand better what kind of features you need in your website.


Features your E-commerce website needs


Don’t try to be too pushy if you are a company that sells certain products. But why? As you know, people won’t like a website that is aesthetic but can’t find a simple thing. So, make sure that your website contains features like simplicity, comfort, etc. Because when they can’t find what they are looking for in your website design, they will not return to your site.

Remember, if your website is fun and fitting for the buyers, they are more likely to spend extra time on your website and most probably return. When you add a feature of “want-list” on your website, it enables users to include any item they want for future purchases. When you think about that, it is a fun feature because you can add anything to the list, and it will be there until you delete it. And in the coming days (the day when salary comes), they will just go there and purchase what they have already decided.

This is the reason when you search for the top E-commerce sites; you see the want-list feature. Because first of all, it’s a great way to make people stay on your website for long and return when they have made up their mind to purchase items they have added. And then there come websites that have both features (cart and want-list), where people can buy and put their favorite things in the want-list at the same time.


The inadequacy technique

Wait. What is this? And why do we need it here?

It actually means scarcity or shortage. When you use this method for marketing technique, you are making your customers afraid of missing something that’s never coming back. It will create a feeling that this is the last chance to buy, and they will miss the product otherwise.

It’s a proven fact that people need the incentive to go and buy something. The marketing techniques such as inadequacy and scarcity are a great way to motivate people to buy ASAP. It gives the stimulus they have wanted for a long time. Let them realize that the deal is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to generate a sense of desperation!

So, these are some cases of scarcity-based strategies:


  • “Only Xy sort of goods left,” reads the notice.
  • Deals that are just valid for a few minutes, hours, or days are shown in the timed event. You can utilize catchy terms like Short Deadline, Just Tonight, Final Opportunity, and so on to emphasize the severity of the scenario.
  • Clearing sales, seasonal discounts, as well as other theme-based reductions, are also effective.


Here you can see that this site is using this tactic where they gave users a 30% off, and with it, there’s a limited time in which you can avail of this offer. This will definitely motivate buyers or at least evoke the feeling to buy the product before it’s gone.


SEO optimized website

When it comes to making an E-commerce website design, you need search engine optimization. Imagine you have an E-commerce website, but would it be of any use when it doesn’t even show up in front of people? Putting effort. Yeah? Make it double! Because everything is possible to achieve with hard work. To attract the maximum number of visitors to your site, your page has to be optimized from top to bottom.

Sites are well-known for being among the most efficient strategies to attract additional visitors and boost your site’s exposure. The first step in your task is to find the top essential and successful terms for your E-commerce site. Because practically all of it centers on the relevant words, it is the most significant critical phase in SEO optimization.

However, please don’t select the keywords that are too generic but make sure what you select defines your business primarily. Then, in order to optimize, insert those keywords in your headings, meta descriptions, alt text, title tags, and the name of your image files. Get the maximum visibility!


Things that are related

The other most needed attribute is the ability to recommend similar products depending on your clients’ buying habits. Amazon has had tremendous luck with this suggestion scheme: Purchases from Amazon’s recommendation list account for 35% of the company’s income.

Those recommender systems are snuck in 2 directions. The first are suggestions made on the spot:


  • On the web page of your Online account, you’ll see specialized offers.
  • Products that are often purchased simultaneously on separate category pages.
  • Your browsing habits are displayed.
  • Showing your most frequently visited things beside similar offerings.
  • suggestions depending on what you’ve bought.


The next is off site suggestions:


  • Directing mail about the best sellings in a category you recently visited, and even precise to the brand you viewed.
  • Moreover, sending emails about the products you recently added to your cart.


Well, we can understand that you are not Amazon having up-to-date algorithms as well as a similarly mature contempt for the security of your clients. But you can pick something like displaying suggested products in particular categories all over your website, also making it a part of your e-mail advertising strategy.


Pages with standard images of products

All of your efforts will go in vain if the product images you include are not of high quality. Everybody loves the product list with unique and bright pictures. After all, images have the power to alter your visitor’s mind. Even though your product is impressive in real life, nobody pays attention if the pictures are not good enough.

Now, where do you post these pictures? Right beside the product description. Show them all (from all angles) and if needed, include a zoom-in option to make it easy for them to see the product precisely. Product photography is as important as creating a website because when nobody is buying anything, what is your website for?

The most important thing is to check for the page speed and see if there’s any image making your page slow. Don’t forget to optimize your ideas since it could slow down your page speed.


Social validation

It might be inappropriate not to discuss product feedback, as they are a critical stimulus for your buyers. Even if your item has the best photographs, details, and reasonable price, it may not sell. You may not even be able to persuade them to buy from you if you don’t create loyalty with them.

Simply include reviews of your products for your customers to see the authenticity. But don’t just include the ones that are good or positive. In fact, you can show how dedicated you are by considering and answering the negative ones as well. A reply on your socials that is well thought out and composed can make you look professional.

Well, there’s one more thing, people won’t believe even in an authentic review when your brand or company is new. They might need a believable and credible source such as Google. Some might look for a video testimonial, so what are you waiting for if you have a review in that form? Post it immediately! Through this, you will retain customers who trust you and will be loyal to your brand.


Online chat

Today, nearly every E-commerce website design employs a client communications feature called live chat. In most cases, correctly incorporated online conversations enhance customer support and boost your brand’s reputation. Furthermore, by emphasizing the themes and rationale underlying the inquiries you get via chat session, you’ll be able to have a much better understanding of your clientele. And you’ll be capable of anticipating and ready for the spontaneous inquiries that may surface a lot quicker or otherwise.

In other words, make your customers feel like you have answers for everything. Whatever they ask for, you can provide guidance. Most importantly, your customers should feel like you are forever ready to help them. You may have seen all the top sites having this feature, but the question is why you should also have it? Below are some of the advantages of having this feature included:

Ease of access:

Each client craves comfort and ease in today’s society. Fortunately, you could fulfill their demands by employing a web chat. With chat sessions, your consumers can simply reach your team, discuss issues, and obtain their answers.


Indeed, webchat is advantageous not just to you but rather to your bank account. You’ll be able to deliver excellent customer support while saving costs!


Final words

There’s no doubt that anyone can achieve success with the help of well established and user-friendly website design with just a bit of effort and strategies. For an E-commerce businessman, you may encounter numerous roadblocks that prevent customers from making an order. But, the correct E-commerce tools and interfaces can assist you to remove such roadblocks and give your customers a pleasant shopping journey.


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