Link Building Strategies and Resources for Highly Effective Marketing

Back in time link building was focused on quantity, not quantity.

Now the game has changed totally!

If you are developing a link-building strategy, bear in mind that it’s a time-consuming process – at least, if you do it right.

The quality and authority of the pages where you build backlinks play a vital role in determining how high you will rank in google search results.

This is where blogging comes in. You will get a higher percentage of indexed pages when you blog consistently, and your inbound links will also grow about 95 percent.

Besides blogging, there are several other ways to improve link building and optimize your google search engine ranking.

In this blog, we would see different techniques and tools you can adopt to make your link-building strategy & SEO more effective.

Link Building Strategies
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Why is Link Building so Important?

Link building is considered the backbone for search engine optimization aka SEO. This is one of the major elements which defines your rankings meaning who gets the first page on google search results.

Every search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) analyzes that how many links redirect to your site and the quality of those links.

The more qualitative, trustworthy, and authorized websites linked back to you the more your blog posts and sale pages will appear in search results.

Links to your site help users to visit your website and increase web traffic and trust.

People might trust you more when they see other websites referring to you knowing what you are talking about.


Effective Link Building Strategies for Marketers

Effective Link Building

Here are some effective proven and tested link-building tactics we adopt.


  • Use Strategic Guest Blogging

The old techniques to just use mass guest blogging are dead. You would not want to publish an article on a site that’s not similar to your niche or have zero authority just to get backlinks.

The guest blogging won’t help it, the search engines are smart enough to detect that your guest posts are not adding any value.

If you want to avail the rewards of guest blogging, then you need to make it strategic and more authentic.

Make sure to create unique content for another site. For example (case study)

Always make sure that the website you are posting your guest posts on is relevant, authoritative, and attracts your audience.

Guest posting in the right and the selective way would help you reap all the rewards of higher traffic, qualified leads, and high rankings.


  • Create Infographics

Infographics are the most eye-catchy elements when used in any form of marketing. Usage of infographics in link-building strategy contributes always.

One of the best things about infographics is that you gain traffic on your website organically and earn quality links without even asking from them.

Infographics tend to get readers’ attention resulting in more reach and higher ranking.

You can use infographics for representing data, research, statistics, facts, etc.


  • Get more active on the social media

Social media is the most powerful marketing platform.

If you are not active on social media, then you are risking the chances of getting easy organic reach which is always considered legitimate.

Being active on social media always contributes. You can post daily to notify your audience having similar interests in your niche about the updates.

Try sharing your content across several social platforms to gain maximum reach and exposure.


  • Use resource links from Trustworthy sites

A resource is like a guide or tutorial you create for your target audience within your niche.

To create your resource page, you can consider some sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Examiner as an inspiration.

Here are some headline ideas you can use to get more backlinks.

  • 20 Copywriting Blogs That Will Bring You More Revenue
  • Best Copywriting Blogs You Didn’t Know Existed
  • Effective Copywriting and Content Marketing Blogs That Will Send You Free Traffic

This kind of tool can be great for a marketing team. After they are written get links through email outreach.

Deliver a simple email to all the people whose blogs you have included.


  • Leverage Broken link Strategy

The broken link strategy is pretty simple. You find broken links on any of the websites and replace them with similar high-quality content links.

For example, Someone linked another website’s blog reference on their website but it got deleted and unavailable after some time. You can notify them to replace their link with your high-quality content that is similar to the deleted ones.

If that website is of high quality with good traffic, means your website link also got shared on it, and the juices of traffic will be shared between the two.


Over to you

These are great tactics that showcase results eventually if done right. If you require quality guest posts or search engine optimization, you can consider our SEO services.

This will help your business website get massive exposure and the highest rankings among the top pages in the google search engine.