Evolution of Logo Design Industry – A Paradigm Shift from 2010 To 2020

Take a look at your surroundings and you’ll find one thing to be a significant part of every growing brand. What’s that one thing? Yes, it is design. From a small-scale startup to large scale multinational organizations, each of them can be recognized with their designs. With the right amount of limelight towards itself, the design has broadly evolved over the decade and has become a lot different than it used to be in the previous decades. With the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new decade, a lot of us the design lovers had come up with predictions regarding the evolution of the logo design industry. However, the evolution of logo design industry alongside the advent of digital technology has failed most of our design predictions.

You believed that the smartphone fad would become a history? Well, look at how smartphones are ruling the world. You thought of holographic screens to be the new normal? But wait, we aren’t over the physical devices yet. You believed that typography won’t be of any significance with the popularity of binary language in design? Well, typography has become a whole new subject in the design industry.

While most of your predictions didn’t make into the new decade of designing, these ten years from 2010 till 2020 have been incredibly eventful as the evolution of logo design industry took place. It might not look as futuristic as you thought but the pangs of revolutionization have surely put both the designers and technology side by side.

So, you want to take a ride past ten years to see the evolution of logo design industry?

Just dive in and boom!


Tech Advancements That Led to The Evolution of Logo Design Industry

Smartphones –

whenever we talk about technology and its unstoppable growth, smartphones automatically pop up into our minds. You see how speedily we have to update our phones with a new something coming out every day. Smartphones have played an incredibly significant role in the evolution of logo design industry. It has been like an introduction of a new host and chapter for the designers as it opens up new smaller and more detailed spaced to design logos and graphics for as well as brings out new careers in the design industry.

Evolution of Logo Design Industry – A Paradigm Shift from 2010 To 2020

Though apple smartphones are the invention of the previous decade, android phones were specifically initiated in the year 2010, making themselves a significant necessity for every human being in just a decade. Advancing further with 4G in 2012, smartphones surpassed desktop usage in the year 2016.


With all these advancements being made, a new frontier opened up for the visual design, making responsive website designs and app designs a new and necessary skill set for the graphic designers. Additionally, the very fact that most of the internet consumption happens over the mobile phone, designers have to be more and more detail-oriented and make mobile friendly and responsive designs.


E-Readers and Tablets –

with the launch of apple iPads in 2010, designers were once more provided with a new screen to work on and make designs for. As most of the things were going digital in the following decade, amazon reported the highest sale of eBooks in 2010 as well. It brought in a lot of new areas for the designers to work on including the digital book covers that were made almost necessary.

Evolution of Logo Design Industry – A Paradigm Shift from 2010 To 2020

Virtual and Augmented Reality –

These are the greatest technological advancements made up till now. And the good news is – they are highly dependent on graphic designers, bringing an incredible evolution of logo design industry. It was back in 2014 when Google Glass was launched using the AR technology and a lot of effort from the designers. It was meant to integrate app designs into regular everyday lives. However, the rare expensiveness of this innovation pulled it down to the discontinuation.

Evolution of Logo Design Industry – A Paradigm Shift from 2010 To 2020

As we entered into the center point of the prevailing decade, Snapchat came up with AR and VR based filters and lenses. Though these are termed as mere means of amusements, Snapchat marks as the foremost application to introduce AR and VR to the common people. Therefore, it takes a great deal of designing effort for coming up with such an application.

From then on, VR continued to be incorporated in every other field, providing designers with a new endeavor every day and contributing majorly to the evolution of the logo design industry.


To Put It All Condensed –

Design has always been a significant part of the business yet the evolution of logo design industry has made it more and more dominant. A great deal of skillsets has become a significant necessity for all the designers, making their profession worthy and complicated at the same time. However, logo design companies in USA make it easier for the brands by hiring individual designers for each different niche.

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