Questions To Ask From a Graphic Design Agency

“For everything we don’t like to do, there’s someone out there who’s really good, wants to do it and will enjoy it”
~ Josh Kaufman

A business cannot perform all its activities on its own. Hiring different people for each new task is not a very favorable option either. Therefore; businesses tend to outsource the activities they feel, do not relate to the core of their business or the talent of which is unavailable within the folds of the organization.

Designing is one such task that most of the companies outsource for the sake of obtaining high quality and superior results. Though being the easiest option to opt for, the job of selecting a credible design agency is often the trickiest part of the whole process. Not every design agency has an expert pool of designers who can understand client needs well while fulfilling them with the most appropriate designs. Amateur designers could be a major threat to a business and hence, it is essential to ensure that the graphic design agency, to be hired, consists of professionals. How to ascertain that? A few of these questions might help!

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Can we have a look at your portfolio?

The portfolio of a company is a living proof of the work they have done. The designs in the portfolio are often sufficient enough to speak on behalf of the talent present in the agency. Hence, asking for the portfolio is always a good idea. A company may also ask for designs pertaining to the industry they operate in. This way they could obtain an idea of the expertise the agency holds particularly in their industry.

logo portfolio


What were your responsibilities in the project?

A designing project may involve several steps and the company may have been a part of a few of those steps. Hence, inquiring from them their exact role in the project is a very crucial thing. Some designs may be poor, however; the concept behind its inception could be extraordinary while others could have an exceptionally elegant design, with no story supporting its creation. Being the hirer, a company needs to take into account the part that the agency has played in the designing process, for the sake of making a sound decision.

logo projects


What impact did the designs make?

A good graphic design agency will always obtain feedback from its clients regarding the work delivered. A business should always inquire about the impact that an agency’s designs have made on the sales and profits of its clients businesses.

You may find some agencies saying that the clients were happy with the designs provided, however; that does not ensure the credibility of their work. The agency should be asked to provide proper stats of the results that their work has helped achieve.

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What’s your process?

It is important to find out the exact process through which the agency facilitates its clients. The agency could claim its process to be hassle-free, however; it may be missing on some very important steps, such as that of brain storming and sketching, at the same time. Hence, getting to know their process is a vital thing to do.

logo design process


Who will be assisting us with the project?

There are often a lot of people involved in the design process. There has to be an account manager who could remain in constant contact with the client, designers who could brainstorm on the ideas while giving it a digital form, and a web designer who may design the client’s website if required. Hence, knowing about the people involved in the project could tell a company the importance and time they’d get from the collaboration.

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What fee will you be charging?

Knowing the fee that the agency will be charging is also an important factor to look into. After knowing the fee, charged by the agency, a company can compare the same with that of other graphic design agencies while reaching to a sound decision.

logo pricing

Final Verdict
The market is filled with graphic design agencies, some having hired amateurs while the others filled with experts. It requires an observant eye to identify the right agency that could create for you designs that could take your brand to the next level.


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