Modern Logo Designing Tips Every Brand Should Follow in 2020

The logo design trends that you saw being incorporated throughout this year are predicted to continue into the new year as well. While minimalism largely grew popular in the digital branding industries, there have been some very interesting additions and ways in which logo designers contributed to the market some very creative ideas. Many of the new ideas soon eased into the trending designs and are still enjoying a popular position while many more creative trends are expected to pop up.

Logo Design Trends to Benefit Your Business in 2020

Logos are an identity of the business which is why a good amount of money is paid to graphic designers to create an impressive and creative logo. As online and offline markets grew rapidly in 2019 with the easy entry of numerous small to medium businesses, the competition grew tougher, and the pressure on logo designers to create a logo that is better than the competitors increased. Here is a list of few trends of logo designing that you witnessed this year that made it to the top, and the trends that you are likely to observe in the next year.

  • Animated and Illustrated Logo Designs: Animations and illustrations are two separate niches of graphic designing. However, the fusion of these two niches resulted in something amazing in the form of illustrated or cartoon logos that are animated to show motion or movement on the screen. That is one of the perks of digital branding – it has widened the playground for a designer’s creativity. Moving logos – who would have thought?
animated logo
source: graphicmama
  • Animated Colorless Logo Designs: With the popularity of minimalism in logo designing came the popularity of the black and white color theme in design, too. Due to the simplicity of the color theme i.e. black and white, not only does the logo look less ‘out there’, but it also has the potential to significantly lower printing costs for the business. This, when used with animation effects, has a great outcome! The animation is actually a very steaming designing niche currently and is predicted to maintain this appeal in the years to come.

    source: i.graphicmama
  • Typography in Logos: One of the most favorite trends in logo design is the use of typography in it. A useful characteristic of typography is its ability to create a picture out of alphabets. This makes it a common tool in logo designing to portray the brand’s nature and profile through the use of the typographic elements used. This may include creating relevant symbols from alphabets or just making the text stand out to make it unique as a logo.

    Logo sample
    source: digitalsynopsis
  • Geometry in Designing: While everyone is not good at geometry and mathematics in class, it definitely serves as an interesting chapter in logo designing. Geometric elements like lines and curves or shapes are being utilized in all sorts of designing forms to give a neat yet poster-like effect. Even though there are only a limited number of shapes available, it is surprising how differently they can be used in logo designing.
logo designs
source: justcreative
  • Gradient Colors in Logo Designing: Logos are a form of design that are open to all sorts of creative variations. Gradients were initially thought to be unsuitable for logo designs but are now one of the very commonly preferred logo design types. The transition of one color to another in the logo is a fresh break from the regular solid colored logos that we see all over the markets. However, using color(s) in your logos has to be relevant to your brand.
logo design
  • Curvy Logos: Roundness and curves in logos are a branch of the earlier discussed Geometric trend in logos. The smooth appearance of curves also utilizes the consistency of line art sometimes, and the logo designs made from curves usually give a friendly impression of the brand.


  • Retro or Vintage Looks in Logo Designs: Retro designs are never out of fashion. In all niches of graphic designing, the safest backup option that does not backfire is the retro or vintage look. Being one of the most popular logo design trends 2019, the retro effect in logo designs is usually most suitable for brands that sell ‘natural’ products/services, or for more rugged appearing markets like wine etc that deliberately want to show ‘good aging’.
source: retrosupply

The logo design trends highlighted in this article can be a huge help to any designer looking forward to professional and creative growth in 2020. By utilizing these trends in your brand’s logo designing processes, it is almost guaranteed that your logo will impress people.


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