The Influence of Symbolic Logos

Symbolic logos are not just a graphical element that seems pleasing while observing. It has a lot more fascinating science behind it.

The symbolic logo is a symbol that upholds a strong meaning behind it, that can be used as a trademark, sign, or representing an idea of any relationship.

The process of linking a graphical symbol with a meaningful depiction is known as Semiotics. Semiotics is a brainstorming investigation into how meaning is created and how its channelized into the community mindset. It has a powerful impact when it comes to Brand Designs.

The Influence of Symbolic Logos

Symbolic logos are being used before even man learned to write. Depiction of logos and drawing was pretty much easier. Ancient logos are one of the best examples one can have. All those pretty symbolic engraved art on the walls of the Pyramids showcase powerful meanings.

The Influence of Symbolic Logos

Now you know that how powerful symbols are when it comes to the representation of a concept or idea. But sometimes it can get a bit confusing for the people to get the actual meaning if the symbolic logo is not being integrated properly which people might forget because they don’t have any background meaning to relate to it.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand the science behind it. We will go through some symbolic logo concepts in detail and see how which types of symbolic logos are there and what meaning they carry.

Nature symbols

Humans have a strong bond with mother nature, and we can connect to it spiritually. That’s one of the reasons Brands use nature logo symbols which is most relatable to their Brand personality.

Some of the types of natural symbols popularly used

  • Animal Symbols

Animals have different traits and types, from here the idea is fetched to be conveyed on the logo symbolism. For example – Lions are depicted as fierce and rulers of the jungle representing Royalty, Bulls are strong and tough which depicts Rage. Owls fly highest in the sky above all which is the symbol for wisdom etc.

Different Branding artists utilize such animals to showcase the Brand personality it best matches with. For example, one of the top supercar manufacturing company Jaguar Cars even picked Jaguar’s name to showcase its Brand’s identity. Just because Jaguar is considered one of the fastest animals.

Animal Symbols


  • Floral symbols

Symbolic representation for flowers has been recognized for centuries in many European and Asian countries. Many poets have used flowers in their poetry to represent love, hope, healing or loss, etc.

Flowers can mostly represent every sentimental expression. Many brands who sell beauty products use floral symbols to link it towards the “Gorgeous factor” because flowers are mesmerizing to observe filled with detailed beauty.

Floral symbols
Source: DesignHill

Zodiac Symbols

The elements of nature are portrayed using the four factors. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. You would be familiar with such an idea if you have watched Avatar Series.

These mother nature elements are further categorized into Zodiac symbols which represent different zodiac signs

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Zodiac Symbols
Source: 99designs

Crescent Moon Symbols

The Crescent moon symbol highlights the factor of power or magical abilities. It’s associated with astrological symbolism. The Crescent moon is also a symbol of religious values for Muslims. All of their Religious events are tracked by the moon calendar which is why the crescent moon plays a vital role in its religious representation i.e., Ramzan, Eid, etc.

Crescent Moon Symbols
Source: 99designs

Geometric symbols

Geometric symbols are not limited to mathematical precision but they are also used as a representation to depict emotions. Different types of logo shapes showcase different meanings.

Geometric shapes are a part of art for centuries. Geometry can be complex and simple, or a combination of both, and still have a deep meaning behind it. Crafting such type of logos can be a hassle but once you do your research right it can come out amazing.

Consider an example of a Square or Rectangle, they represent stability and toughness, while Circle represents smoothness and eternal feels.

Triangles are considered as the strongest structure all of the equal sides supporting equal weight. This concept was used while developing the structure of Pyramids.

Geometric symbols
Source: Pinterest

Sacred Geometry

Geometry also has a strong background with sacred believes. As they depict meanings, a more complex type of geometry represents mathematical precision into equations. Mathematics is the fundamental principle on which our universe operates. Similarly, such geometry is linked with spiritual concepts which only be understood by ancient people to access the universal powers of mathematical proportions.

One of the famous geometrical symbols is Ying and Yang depicted below

Sacred Geometry

Considering all these concepts, Digital artists should have an idea of the history attached to such symbols before utilizing them. In most cases, a Brand is required an entirely different and unique logo element that can hold their Business values and is much easier to understand and recall.

So brief research is required before the implementation of the Symbolic logos which can be transformed into a trademark for Brand Designing.


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