How to Design a Label for a Product

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

How many times have you heard people saying and believing in this phrase? Many, right? Ever wondered what is it in the cover that forces people to make perceptions. There has to be something in it that tends to capture attention and that something has to be powerful enough to make people create idols or destroy the ones already created.

Taking this concept to label designing, labels too possess the power to capture attention. In fact, the first thing that a person sees when shopping for a product is its label. Hence, it is vital for the same to be attractive and eye-catchy. Without the label design being good enough to grab attention, the product can never convince the customers to make a conversion.

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There are several agencies in the market that provide label design services to its clients. These agencies may consist of a team of professional designers or a freelancer working on his own; it is the call of the business to opt for the one that fits their budget. Here are a few label design ideas for businesses that need an attractive label for their product.


It Should Reflect the Brand


The label design should always be relevant to the product under consideration. The design should always reflect the work that the brand does and most importantly the ways through which it can solve the customer’s concern.

It is always a good idea to go for a custom product label as these labels allow a bridge to be built between the product and the design. Without this association being there, it would be difficult for the customers to identify the brand or make a purchase.

Taking the example of food product label designs, these designs majorly consist of an image of the food product for the sake of enhancing the customer’s craving as soon as their eyes fall on the product. A KFC takeaway box will always remain incomplete without its crispy chicken portrayed on it. Hence, the imagery, in case of this industry, is a vital factor that tempts the customer to make the purchase.


It Should Be Simple

It Should Be Simple

Another significant element of a great label design is that of it being simple and clean. A messy design, with its core elements merging into one another, will always make the customer confused while not being convincing enough to ensure a conversion.

Take the example of a water bottle label design. Water is a product that comes without distinction and exclusivity. All brands selling water are actually selling the same kind of product, however; why is it that we still prefer purchasing one brand over the other? Price could be a prominent factor in this regards, however; acknowledging the fact that this industry is price sensitive, the margin of profit for each business is more or less the same. Hence, it is the bottle’s packaging that gives it the edge over everything else. A bottle of water needs to appear safe and purified, and the companies that prove to be successful in highlighting these two most important factors, win the show. Hence, the product tag design on a water bottle is always seen to be clean so as to reflect the idea of purity and care.


Try Something Different


Different is what captures attention instantly and hence, a designer can always try out new things for the sake of appearing unique. Thinking out of the box can help in this case. The first thing you need to do, in order to appear unique, is to research the market for what the competitors are doing. After you are aware of the trends that the others are following, you can easily come up with something that is different and not tried as for now. This will allow your product to be exclusive and outshine in the industry it prevails in.

If you face any difficulty in starting off with a unique design, there are several packaging label design templates available on the Internet to help you kick-start with the task. You can pick any template of your choice while changing its elements and adding new features to it for the sake of making it appear different and unique.


Include Humor


When focusing on making the design aesthetic and professional, designers at times forgo the opportunity to make it humoristic. Humor is another factor that makes the design eye-catchy while creating a positive impression of the brand.

Take the example of a wedding label design; these designs have a lot of potential to include humor in them whilst grabbing the target market’s attention; in this case the invitees.


Include the Ingredients


Buyers today are concerned about the safety and hygiene of the products they buy and hence, the first things they view on a package or label are the ingredients that the product contains. Knowing the fact that the ingredients are of prime importance to a purchaser, a designer should always design the label in a manner that the contents of the product remain clear on the backside of the package. The text should be big enough to be readable, however; not too large to occupy the whole of the space.

The wine industry is the one where the customers are usually brand conscious and prefer not to switch amongst brands unless absolutely necessary. However; being health conscious as well, they wish to know the calories they’d gain after drinking a glass of their favorite red. For this purpose, wine label designs always have the calorie count on their labels.

Label design is pretty important for a brand and hence, it being designed perfectly is a feature that all businesses should take care of.

In case if you own a business that is tight on its budget and cannot afford to hire a separate designer for the task, you can always create your own labels online. There are several websites that can help you with the task while providing you with product label samples for facilitation.

Hence, the next time you feel like designing a label for your product, you know what to do.


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