Top Brochure Designs Trending In 2020

Unique and inspiring top brochure designs paired with perfectly crafted content builds up a brand statement. In this digital world brochure still plays a significant role in fabricating a firm’s brand identity.

Therefore, brochures have transformed from paper materials to digital visibility, though hand-handled remains popular among the audience. Moreover, handy professional brochure designs are much more appealing and create an aspect of convenience but online brochures have their own space of creativity.

In addition, the color schemes, modern typography, variation in sizes and layout leaves an engaging outcome. Well! Here you’ll find out the top brochure designs for both large and small businesses. Thus, it will help to generate traffic on your platform through the visibility of the brochure.


Top Brochure Designs

Brochures are well worth consideration when coming up with marketing strategy. Therefore, marketing brochures are amongst the versatile and creative marketing tools for a business. Thence, designers should come up with new and creative ideas for enchanting the audience in the interest of driving them towards your business.

The best part of a brochure is that service and product information can be easily displayed and explained into its widespread spacing and can be detailed with business related graphics, etc. Therefore, designs whether it is for a logo, website or brochure keeps on changing with the passage of time.

Every year thousands of brochure designs are brought up and many fades away. It is essential to know the elements before spending an amount on the designing of a brochure. The business must know the key elements of how to glue customers in the direction of your business.

Well! No need to worry, we’re here with some amazing professional brochure designs for all sorts of businesses.


 Variation in Shapes and Sizes

The properties of a professional brochure design must work on the shapes, size, medium and folds. Multiple options help a client in choosing the right pattern to work on. However, variation in designs is set by looking over other ornaments of sizing such as text, images, colors and business type.

  • Half Fold Brochures

It is commonly used by professional institutions such as banking sectors. It is even known as a simple and book brochure. Therefore, hand fold brochures are crafted for comparing two different services or products. Having, the attributes of two equal sides that flip up like a book and easy to make comparisons. Here you go with the size and shape starting from 8.5 x 11inches and ending at 11 x 25.5 inches sheet of paper.


·         Trifold Brochures

A Trifold is a brochure with three panels of equal sizes, stacked up with text vertically and horizontally. Mostly used for shadowing modernity by luxury furniture brands, tourism companies or airline corporates because they prefer giving guidelines and more text can be covered easily in three folds. Furthermore, a Trifold brochure design size and shape starts up from 8.5 by 11 inches on an A4 paper to 11 by 17 inches on an A3 paper.


·         Die-cut Brochures

An interesting look is given to them; by cutting them down in different shapes, panels and sizes as per the industry related trends. The cuts and patterns help in enhancing the layout and look of the brochure in a more enticing way.


Minimal Aesthetics and Colors

Colors play a prime role when it comes to captivity and provoking customers to take action. The usage of high color options that are bold and flashy needs to be merged up with subtle hues to showcase modernity and sophistication.

For a good sleek and trendy look, the designers must have color contrasts that are pleasing. The use of dramatic color contrasts with monochromatic colors when blend up gives an amazing outlook for the brochures.

With the aim of doing something trendy, shading and patching of colors can be incorporated for professional brochure designs. Moreover, color blocking is among trendy options where two different colors on the color wheel can be blend together for crafting something new.


Nifty Illustrations

Illustrations are an interestingly creative interpretation, visual representation of images, concepts and designs. These illustrations help in creating illusion based artwork that tends to grasp attention. Therefore with the help of cool illustrations; texts are decorated that enhance the look of the brochure.

In 2020, the illustrations that help to gain attention with witty and mind-shattering pieces of artwork are highly trending the brochure design market.


The illusion of Depth – 3D Illustrations

Something that can be touched is always regarded as engaging and provoking. Therefore, the 3-dimensional crafts help in enhancing the colors, shape size and the text. Well! 3D illustrations create a magical effect if presented on a brochure. If the use of vibrant colors is incorporated then a feeling of depth can be sensed by the clients.

With the growth of global usage, the trends coming inline are new and different and so measures need to be taken for prospering in that field. The addition of information can be displayed in a more powerful way of imagery and design through 3D illustrations.


Simple Line art

The line artwork is among one of the trendy styles used by many designers these days. As it helps in detailing and focusing on a pattern, text or image that catches the attention of the audience. The line art needs to be simple so that the important information is not hidden behind the heavy usage of line art.

The colors chosen should be according to the contrasts and shades being incorporated by the designers. Therefore, with dark colors use a low color contrast and for light colors vice-versa. Moreover, usage of curved lines and diagonal lines helps in creating a great effect.


Top brochure design trends and styles help in crafting professional and engaging brochures that stands out in the clutter. A design trend is particularly an exercise that stretches out the creative element in order to create a memorable brochure.


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