Logos with Hidden Messages

Logos are made to reflect a company’s essence and purpose in the form of a visual. These visual aids are meant to support the brand in communicating its idea to the audience it wishes to serve. These logos can be simple word marks and initials, or one consisting of an icon; some of them being really fascinating. Amongst these are logos that contain a meaning hidden in the folds of the design. These meanings, though not visible at the first glance, can be deciphered when given a thorough look.

Logos that contain hidden meanings hence, draw a lot of attention. Possessing hints, to be identified, these logos hold the attention of their customers for as long as they are interpreted.

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The world has seen many famous logos containing a meaning in the icon or the word mark that they possess. We all have read and discussed them several times, however; let us today have a look at some eminent logos, the hidden meaning behind which has not yet been unveiled.



Picasa logo concept

Picasa is known for its multi-colored logo that is shaped in the form of a camera shutter. Being an image editor the symbol is quite obvious and visible, however; something more remains hidden in the negative space within the circle. The negative space symbolizes a house, as the word casa means home, giving the idea of Picasa being a ‘home for all your photos’.


My Fonts

My Fonts logo concept

‘My fonts’ is a site that contains various fonts for the online community to pick and use. The logo for the site consists of a hidden meaning in the word ‘my’ which tends to form a hand. This hand, in the logo, symbolizes that the customers can get their hands on any font that they like.



Newman logo concept

The logo looks quite ordinary at the first glance, however; when given a closer look, the letters tend to make the same word when read upside down. This unique and creative logo hence can be termed as a piece of genius.



Schizophrenic logo concept

This logo, as the company’s name suggests, depicts the true colors of a schizophrenic person. The logo, when viewed from the right, shows a happy face, however; from the left, it displays a sad face. This bipolar nature of the logo is meant to explain the struggle of a person suffering from schizophrenia.



Gillette logo concept

Though Gillette’s logo appears to be a simple word mark, however; there is a hidden meaning behind its logo. The sharp cuts in the alphabets ‘G’ and ‘I’ illustrate the sharpness and precision of a Gillette blade.


Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey's Kisses logo concept

Not many people have succeeded in finding out the meaning hidden behind the kiss’s logo. However; giving a closer look at the letters ‘K’ and ‘I’, one can easily spot a kisses chocolate in the negative space between the alphabets.


Circus of Magazines

Circus of Magazines logo concept

As visible from its logo, the design illustrates an open book also symbolizing a tent. The tent symbolizes a circus pointing towards a community where people sell and exchange magazines.



Uptown logo concept

The logo of Uptown shows a silhouette of a town when viewed at a glance. However; when paid attention, the buildings in the silhouette tend to be pointing upward in the form of an arrow as a depiction of the word ‘up’.


Found Customer

Found Customer logo concept

The logo for Found Customer depicts a puzzle with one piece missing from it. The missing piece illustrates a man explaining the idea of a customer been found.

Creativity comes to those who seek for it. A business can itself come up with an amazing idea for a logo or can consult a corporate branding agency for the same. The idea is not who designs the logo; rather it is to bring about a design that succeeds in holding the viewer’s gaze while getting them to think and analyze over the same.

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