5 Tips for conducting an effective Twitter customer service

In this modern era where social media is booming, brands have access to instant, one-to-one customer service that entertain their customer’s complaints and queries.

That also means that customers expect brands to reply quickly without any delays in customer support.

Twitter is considered as one of the top platforms for having conversations which is why it’s a must for brands to master the use of customer support requests.

Let’s discuss the importance of Twitter customer support before we proceed to the tips.


Why is Twitter Customer Service Important?

Twitter is considered one of the most official social networks in terms of communicating, which makes it the best option for the brands to consider while executing the customer support phase.

Customers want a hassle-free way to get support and Twitter customer service is one of the best ways to do it, but one of the important things you should take care about your customers might be talking about your brand already on Twitter, you just need to find them out and reply to them promptly.

Twitter customer service is not only about replying to the complaints and entertaining the upset customers, you can also keep on your customers updated about your future goals, news, announcements, etc., Keeping them in a loop and connected.


5 Tips for an effective Twitter Customer Service Strategy

  • Define your Customer Service Strategy

Every strategy requires blueprints that you will follow throughout your way to ensure that it’s going in the right direction.

You set the milestones you want to achieve i.e., what works best for your brand? Which team members will entertain the leads via customer support? What would be active support hours and days? Etc.

These are one of the most important questions you need to answer before you get started. A community manager is one of the ideal persons to answer the support queries, if you don’t have a community manager, you can set up a plan that how you will be going to answer different types of queries coming directly from the clients.

You would decide how you will be going to monitor all the support-related questions on your main Twitter account, especially the ones with support-related mentions, or you can set up a separate Twitter account to make your customer support experience premium for your brand users.

Once you are done setting up a dedicated account to cater to your customer support then you can make up a list of issues you would be resolving via Twitter. Make sure to highlight your support website link in your bio for additional resources and to deal with more complex questions.


  • Maintain your Responsiveness

Setting up entire accounts for support doesn’t solve the problem. You need to reply to your customers quickly and resolve their issues as soon as possible.

It’s a critical job, where your customers might not be in a good mood especially when they are facing some sort of major issue. Your customer support should be capable enough to entertain their problems right away they get received.

According to our research, 40% of customers expect to hear back from brands within the first hour of the query submission, while 60% expect to get a reply within 24 hours after reaching out on social media.

It can be a stressful job, especially when you don’t have a dedicated resource to entertain your customers via support.

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  • Know when to Transfer Conversations off-platform

You won’t be able to entertain your every query within a limited space of 280 characters. Some of your queries can be more detailed requiring more space than usual. To cater to detailed issues, you need to develop policies for escalating and redirecting your issues that need to be dealt with off-platform.

This is more important especially when you need to ask your customers for more private information that cannot be shared publicly or when conversations can grow more intense and time-consuming.

You can upload documents on your Twitter handle about the queries you can handle effectively on Twitter itself and which queries may be directed off-platform.


  • Don’t Ignore your Feedback

In some cases, your consumers might leave a negative reply on your account. Don’t ignore their feedback which makes it worse. Don’t respond with canned replies or try to avoid the responsibility.

Show them that you care about them and ensure them that you are working to fix the issues to make the future experience better for them.


  • Automate your Replies and save Custom Replies

Automate your replies, so your customer gets an instant reply as soon as they reach you out. It always helps when you are busy with other queries and don’t want your consumers to have an impression that their queries haven’t been seen.

You can save custom replies for more generic queries, to make it more customer-friendly and maintain your responsiveness making the process more effective and hassle-free.


Over to you

Some of the tips may sound little, but these little things count and your consumers observe every single detail about your brand. Make sure your customer support strategy is on point, which will uplift your customer relationship.


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