Things to consider before outsourcing the design work to outsiders

I still remember my first business. We were just three friends. One was a developer, one was right in social media marketing, and I was the strategy guy. No one knew anything about designing. So, we planned to outsource our design work.

At that time everything feels like a mess that needs serious attention. While we were busy dealing with our internal problems, our custom logo design came out. Moreover, it was awful. Not the way we imagined. It was the worst.

Eventually, we paid double to a new designer, and our logo was a bit bearable. One thing I learned at that time was the things that I need to know before outsourcing our work.

Here are some things that you must consider before hiring a professional company that deals with custom logo design agency.

  • Ask for previous work experience

It is okay to trust a client just because they did an excellent job with your friend. However, this doesn’t mean that you can trust the agency. Ask for previous work. Check if the agency is up to your standards. If you’re paying them, it is your right to ask for some proof of work, or something that can help to decide.

  • Assign small tasks to see if they are worth it

Before you give them, the whole project gives them something to start with. If they can pass the test, you can provide them with the full project.

It is good to know what their strengths are and how they can be useful for your brand. It is best to know things ahead so that you can make the right decision. The tutorial task will help you to gauge the strength, weakness, and speed of how they do the work.

This will give you a way to decide whether the agency is worth the investment or not.

  • Schedule and give them the scope

To succeed.  You must know right from the start what is the progress of the project. In order not to miss the deadlines, it is essential that you see the development of the project at all times.

Lay down the scope that you want them to go. If there is a scope and it is well-defined, there will be no reason for the agency to make any excuses. The milestones, the deliverable, and when do you expect the project to finish. It is best to know the reality-based timeline so that you can schedule everything from that.

  • Test communication & response time

The worst kind of problem that occurs within the company is a communication problem. If there is clear communication between the agency and your brand it will be easy for you to take the project forward.

You cannot afford to ignore the communication and assume that everything will go as planned. Moreover, the response time is necessary. The way agency contacts you and how well they respond. This can save a lot of your time, and your final product can be finished before time.

Keeping straight communication right from the start is good. If there are delays in communication, it will increase the response time and make you finish projects on-time.

  • Keep one universal time zone

Right before you start the project, take a one-time zone and stick to it. During the project, there will be a lot of back and forth communication. Moreover, to keep things smooth it is essential to use one universal time-zone that is decided mutually.

To conclude it all

If you want to hire a digital agency to do all the designing, it is good to start with a mutual understanding. Most of the time it is those mini, unnoticeable things that create the most problems. When small things pile up, they transform into something big. So, it is best to think things through before you go to a digital agency that you are willing to hire.


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