When and why do Your Brand Needs a Redesign?

Scrappy looking logos are always considered crap. Old and boring logo designs never gain customer engagement. Whoosh! The unpleasant design takes away the likable factors of the brand. Certainly, your brand needs a redesign for not counting in as an “indolence brand”.

In addition, every business knows that a good eyeballing logo nabs customer appeal towards their business by modifying their perception. Therefore, a lot of thoughts arise when your brand needs a redesign.

Do brands make a frantic leap for freshening up? Here you’ll find why your brand needs a redesign as time changes and so does personality and ideas.

Well! Ample reasons are there for why your brand needs a redesign? You need to focus on them for maintaining the brand name and flourishing your position in the market.

A lot of worries roam around when your brand needs a redesign, that whether your customers will still recognize the logo or not? Will the customers still believe in the brand message? Will the new logo be accepted or not?

Despite the tickling thoughts, you have to make a move for a prosperous future.

Here you go with intimidations to why your brand needs a redesign.


How to know that the Time is here “Your Brand Needs a Redesign”

Everything evolves over time, so brands need to buckle up with the changes and try to adapt to those. Therefore, changes occur due to certain reasons, which can’t be altered that are as follows….


Logo Design is old and superannuated

A fresh start is always regarded as a worthy act; let’s take an example of “Apple an American multinational technology company by Steve Jobs. When he returned back, he changed the rainbow-colored logo into a modern and sophisticated version.

Thence, he understood the importance of redesigning, that a customer wants to be linked with a brand that is up to date. Unarguably, as time passes on everything transforms.

Here, your brand needs a redesign in an age of digitalization, if you’re still working with those old, tacky and traditional logo designs.

Believe me you! You’re choked…..

Considering, Pepsi’s logo is now completely unrecognizable from its first logo, redesigned from a wordmark into a modern and stylish icon.

Inevitably, you need to think of designs that suit your website user face, banner ads and other digital visual materials according to the trends in today’s era.


Globalization leads to redesign logos and name

Often times, when a brand wants to enlarge its customer range by broadening spectrums through multiple market locations. The only answer you’ll receive is your brand needs a redesign.

Basically, that’s the exact reason why Raider changed its name into “Twix” and Smiths changed to “Lays.”

Therefore, many times brand name is not understood by other countries’ audiences. For that you need to rename the brand and redesign the logo; with a touch that connects with the old logo as well for recognition.

Many times, for growth and development redesigning, it is counted as an essential part. Like, Shell has redesigned its logo eight times since it was created to keep its image modern as per the need of development.

According to Forbes reports, as an estimated 96% of businesses are confident in conducting businesses internationally. On the other hand, 72% plans to grow businesses globally for louder revenues and popularity.

This marks the basic reason to why your brand needs a redesign if globalization and growth are your prime ideas.


Corporate Identity Redesigning

Various companies have a messy corporate identity, with an awful color contrasting and unpleasing logo design.

A brand should always remember to invest the amount in crafting up its logo and there you understand your brand needs a redesign.

Well, we all are fans of Volkswagen, an automobile giant, popular among the mob of millions. It got its logo and corporate identity portfolio redesigned 12 times since 1937, perceiving the need for transformation.

Wherefore, a splendid logo remarks the epitome of style and design. When getting your marketing visuals updated to try to hire competent and professional designers from logo design companies in USA.

But if you’re going with cheap options, then you’re chuffed up!

Like, “GAP” an American Clothing and Accessories Retailer, loved and followed by many fashion icons throughout the world.

It got its iconic logo redesigned and had to revert the design back within 5 days as it was undoubtedly pathetic. The logo was not going with the brand’s message and brand products.

Thus, in case you don’t want to regret it because you know a logo plays an immense role in the redesigning of a corporate identity so don’t opt cheap options.

Hence, try to think twice, when your brand needs a redesign, think on the following points…..

  • Logos Color palette
  • Logos Shape
  • Logos Textures
  • Logos Font style
  • Logos Imagery

All this will surely guide you in the redesigning of a fresh and trendy corporate identity.


Brands Safe Their Reputation by Redesigning Logos

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Well versed wordings by Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Definitely, his words portray true droplets of the importance of a brand’s reputation. However, reputation is an external factor built on the perception of our customers but it has to be maintained by us.

Here for, let’s take up McDonald’s that was seen as an unhealthy option year’s back; with an irksome documentary “Super Size Me” that drifted the sales.

Thence, that time Mc Donald’s came up with redesigning its logo with fresh and vibrant colors to catch attention. Also, it launched earthy green salads with veggies’ on the menu.

In addition to it, when things like these appear your brand needs a redesign for sure.


Are you ready to redesign?

Fatedly, if you can relate your business with any of the above points, your brand needs a redesign. Therefore, redesigning can have a massive impact on your business and can resolve numerous issues related to your brand. Try choosing possible outcomes that go well with the trends and time. So always make sure your logo redesign is conveying what you want to say.


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