Brandsdesign Trends In 2021 All Graphic Designers Should Know About!

The great thing about graphic design trends is that each year brings new designing perspectives along with the opportunity of a reset button. Unarguably, the last year was the year of grief with a lot of unprecedented events. But it went slightly better for the graphic industry. This year 2021, might offer us all a bucket full of new challenges and surprises. According to a leading branding agency, 2021 will be about the emergence of past and new designs. Herefore, we bring you a list of brandsdesign trends for 2021. As already predicted through various brandsdesign trends will be a continuation. That is with a touch of data-related designs and a pop-up human feel.

Moreover, successful designs will become a part of this new year. We are about the end of the New Year’s first month. Therefore, the marathon of designs has already begun. Here you go with some tremendous brandsdesign trends for 2021 related to custom logo designs, branding designs, and numerous other areas.

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Top Brandsdesign Trends for 2021

Indubitably, these brandsdesign trends can be put forward for the next year for an impressive outlook is caught. The creative graphics support creating a meaningful impact on the brand aesthetics that aids in captivating the audiences. Here you go with top brandsdesign trends for 2021.


Trend 1 – Minimalism with Muted Colors

Brandsdesign Trends In 2021 All Graphic Designers Should Know About!

Simplicity regards valuable because it helps in expressing colors in a different mode. You must be confused that why muted colors and minimalism are suddenly too much in depend? The reason is as simple as these simplistic modes of colors. Undeniably, you could find bright and bold colors all over the online world. Minimalism is a carried forward graphic designing trend that still occupies a strong position.

If you look around you will see minimalistic attributes everywhere. Like on the landing pages, social media posts, videos, and logos. Even on offline advertising, like hoardings and branded merchandise. Too much colorlessness might get unacceptable at a point. The muted colors are back in the town for graphic designers. These colors are natural, soothing, realistic, and safe. These muted versions of colors help in enhancing the various text or typographic styles presented over.

Herefore, these are softer hues either blended well with spots of black or white colors for an attractive look. Therefore you can add as many colors to your design without the doubt of reducing the saturation and can easily contrast it with the fleshes of neon or bright colors.

Have a look at a visual representation of how these colors turn out to be.

Minimalism with Muted Colors Minimalism with Muted Colors

Trend 2 – Dissymmetrical and Overlapping Designs

Dissymmetrical and Overlapping Designs
Dissymmetrical and Overlapping Designs

Precisely with the birth of asymmetric designs, the symmetrical grid designs have to say bye. According to the brandsdesign trends for 2021, dissymmetrical designing attributes help the designer to breathe in creativity without the fear of working within the boundaries. Moreover, this design aids the designers to adopt minimalism in their graphics. Since now you have more whitespace and you’re free to use the elements as you like.

Additionally, as listed per brandsdesign trends, overlapping design aesthetics can be arresting and interesting for the audiences since it can create engagement and work on their memory. Without a doubt, brands are eager to use overlapping designs for their social media graphics and branding kits. The reasons why these designs will get populous in the coming years because of the attributes it possesses like

Improves readability

Maintain White Space

Add depth to a design

Layer Elements

Tie into minimalistic designs

Create proximity with other elements

As a cherry on top! These dissymmetrical and overlapping designs can be blended well with muted colors and minimalistic elements.


Trend 3 – Motion Logos and Flat Illustrations

When talking about logos, brand content pops up in our minds. Well, yes, your custom logo design defines your brand’s personality. It gets the users to stay on your page for the longest time. Herefore, in this race motion logos have started to win multiple eyes. Every graphic designer aims at creating an aesthetically pleasing graphic and for you, brandsdesign trends for 2021 have got Motion logos on the list to serve your audiences.

These logos with numerous elements of colors, textures, shapes, and mainly movement gets designed. You can see the Google motion logo that is simple but eye-grabbing because of the movable attributes. We all know that a brand logo plays a crucial role in the development of a brand image and it applies as the prime branding element. Therefore, brands need to pop up their logos in 2021 with motion logos. Moreover, flat illustrations have gained prominence again as per the brandsdesign trends. As per a leading branding agency, 2021 is wrapping the old flat icons and illustrative designs. These are turning them into a completely new range of styles and branding feel.

Furthermore, icons have always been a famous source of designs and will still make their way in 2021 and the upcoming years.

Motion Logos and Flat Illustrations

Trend 4 – Classic Font Styles

Classic Font Styles

Take a look at MailChimp’s prominent fonts that focus on classic typography incorporated into their landing page with serif fonts all across. These fonts without a second thought evoke nostalgia, sophistication, and minimalism. However, these classic fonts are back in 2021 as per the brandsdesign trends guide. You need to follow for crafting marvelous unforgettable designs.

A tip for you to remember! Try using these serif fonts for your headers and subheadings instead of using this font for lengthy paragraphs because it is not clear and visible enough for the readers to read as these are not easy on the eyes.


Trend 5 – Geometrical Designs and Data Visualization

In 2019 the geometric shape designs gained a lot of popularity. Everywhere you could find these designs. Now brandsdesign trends have enlisted these designs again for the graphic designers in 2021. Therefore, a leading branding agency will understand the importance of the infusion of geometrical designs.

The geometric trend was beautiful and catchy for most brands. However, previously it was not good enough for many companies. The reason being that they were unable to utilize those but several logo design agencies used this designing aesthetic in creating a custom logo design. These designs support in complementing the other pages of the website or posts that you create.

Moreover, data visualization plays a role in grabbing customers towards a statistic. As statistical representation through a text is unattractive. Hence it bounces away from the eyes. Therefore, it is paramount to create great visual content for your data. As it gets appealing and creative for the audience to stop and check.


Time to Choose the Brandsdesign Trends!

This year has brought numerous new extensions from the flashes of the previous year. But with a touch of distinctiveness. Herefore, the importance of simplistic and minimalistic designs are not ignorant. This is why some of these added features are becoming a part of many branding and custom logo design guides. Therefore, graphic designers should adopt these trends in their designing hacks for an original piece of artwork.