Evolution of Logo Design through the Years

Brands these days are personified in a manner that their characteristics resemble those of their target. This is done to create a connection between the brand and its target while raising its chances of survival in the market.

However; not all brands are fortunate enough to make it to the end. As per the theory ‘survival of the fittest’, brands too need to keep themselves updated for the sake of meeting the changing requirements of the customers. If not so, they are likely to be erased from the market while being a distant memory for those who knew they existed.

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Therefore; evolution remains an integral concept in case of logo designing. Designs, as a matter of fact, have been in the phase of evolution since the time of their inception. Trends come and go while bringing changes to the existing designs, making them align with the needs of the market.


Here is a depiction of the evolution of logo designs from the 70’s until today.


From 1970 till 1980

logo design From-1970-till-1980

The logo designs produced during this decade were flat in style while being dominated by bold colors that were good at grabbing the customer’s attention. These designs were mostly enveloped in shapes such as a rectangle or square. Also, cluttering was ensured to be avoided so that the focus remains on the logo.

These designs were made to be as simple as possible while making use of a few brand colors; only the ones with which the brand has been associated. No depth or shadows were made a part of the logo as a result of which the designs came out as clean and minimal.


From 1990 till 2000

logo design From-1990-till-2000

This decade was the one dominated by 3D logos and cluttered designs. Most of the brands, as per the changing trend, moved towards adding depth to their designs while making them appear 3 dimensional and alive.

Taking the example of Coca-Cola, the brand was seen with a new look during the decade where carbonated bubbles were added to its design. Also, deep shadows were created for the sake of adding depth to the design. The colors, as a part of the brand, were enhanced and new versions of the same were brought to intensify the look of the logo. All in all, the design was made to be cluttered, however; it was ensured that no harm is caused to the recognition of the brand.


The Recent Times

logo design The-Recent-Times

This decade has been more or less similar to the 70’s. Logo designs have shifted back to being minimal, the cluttering elements have been removed, the colors have been reduced to a few core ones, and the emphasis is brought back to the icon and typography.

One of the major reasons for making the designs simple is to avoid the clutter. In today’s world where several brands tend to compete with one another to earn a place in the customer’s mind, it is the simplest brand that is likely to win the show. Moreover; this era has its emphasis on mobile devices, therefore; designs that can adapt to the small screens are the ones that are preferred to be showcased.

The details of the evolution of logo designs show how important it is for a brand to keep the tweaking going on for the sake of capturing the market’s attention. With new trends coming into the market, the brands are required to make good use of it for the sake of appearing updated and stylish. After all, it’s a race where the brand has to be ahead of the rest; the one that gets renewed first wins!


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