Creative Branding Ideas to Help Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing isn’t something that can be learned, as theory can never assist a company towards profitability. Businesses differ in terms of the ideas they come up with to promote their brands. Hence, designing plans as per the need while changing their course in accordance with the industry shifts is something that comes to businesses naturally.

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Branding is a vast domain which remains significant to the success of a brand. However; it is an art that cannot be taught. The question that arises here is how to go about it? The sole force that drives a brand ahead of its competition is “Creativity”. It is making the correct use of the right-side of the brain that can help a business generate branding ideas that are exceptional and unique.


Why is Creativity Important?


Considering creativity as a vital element in brand development can help a business perform its activities correctly. Also, businesses need to understand and acclaim the fact that their brand is not the only brand in the market. Each industry has its set of players where each brand is in competition with other similar brands. It is a warzone where each business strives to obtain the largest share of the pie while leaving its competitors to fight for the rest. This is where creativity chips in. It is the difference that counts and hence, a brand that can use its creativity to come up with creative branding ideas is the one that’ll get the most attention.


This Sounds Simple


Using creativity in your branding ideas may sound like a simple concept, however; there’s more to it than words can say. A creative branding idea requires derailing from the usual path while stepping onto an entirely new one. There will be times when your posts would gather hate comments and times when your billboards may not gather the attention you expected. However; staying persistent, while taking each challenge as a source of learning, is the only key that can help a business sustain its creative flair.


The Course of Action


Again, creativity isn’t something that comes with a manual, however; to kick-start the process a business can go through the following phases.
The first phase accounts for understanding the brand. This means identifying the brand’s strengths and flaws through the lens of a user. This phase also requires a thorough understanding of the brand’s positioning, its target market, and brand awareness.

The next phase is to try looking at the brand from a completely different angle, probably through the lens of a non-user. Doing so can help a business identify the reasons that cause its target to sway away from the brand.

These two phases aren’t mandatory to perform, however; going through them can make a business understand its own brand while also comprehending the perception of its target market. This way, brands can come up with ideas that prove to be successful in tapping the right customers with the right product, in a distinct manner.


Creative Ideas for Marketing


There have been several companies that have used creative branding to promote their brands in the market. Following are a few creative marketing campaign ideas that some renowned brands have used.


Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is trending these days. There are brands that have jumped on the bandwagon while coming up with some brilliant marketing strategies by means of virtual reality. Oreo is one such brand that took its users on a virtual ride to a land filled with milk and chocolate. Similarly, Mercedes launched its SL model through virtual reality where the customers were able to ride the car while looking into its features.




Radio sounds to be an outdated medium for promotion, however; with creativity, even the most outdated channel can make a difference. Toyota, with the help of Saatchi and Saatchi Stockholm, created a radio ad that hijacked Siri to disable the driver’s phone to make them keep their eyes on the road.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is another such technology that has been trending these days. It is the correct use of this technology that can help a brand save its position in the industry. Starbucks created an app that had its own voice assistant named ‘Mr. Barista’. Mr. Barista would converse with the customers to place and modify orders while confirming their pick-up location.

These innovative promotional ideas, as generated by some great brands, helped them in their marketing efforts. Hence, creativity in branding proves to be the most important thing. Also, it is to note that these efforts aren’t for a single time. Businesses need to constantly come up with unique marketing ideas, by thinking out of the box, to get their brands in the limelight.


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