6 Logo Designing Tips Which Can Impact Your Banding On The Long-Run

Some consider logo as just a symbol, others take it to promote the product in the eyes of the customers. It is also some images which a collection of abstract design with text are, and a tagline. In the recent years there is a lot going on in branding and here we will be revealing logo designing tips which can make great impact on your branding.

  • The basic principles

Make the logo visually aesthetic. The should appear clear on various devices. Whether it is on laptop, desktop, smartphone, or iPad, the size and color of the logo should be generic enough to appear clear on every medium.

Logos are designed to represent companies and build identities. It is important to understand that logo is not just a symbol, it is a way to create a connection with your customer. If the design is not representing your brand, you should consider re-strategizing the design strategy.

  • Simplicity wins

If you cannot explain it to a kindergarten kid it simply needs redesigning. One crucial requirement of branding is making things simple. A simple logo will be remembered and shared more as compared to a complex logo.

A simple logo can be replaced and mixed in various forms of designs. Such as brochure, newsletter, in stationery items, on websites, and in mobile phones. The complexity of the logo might limit the beauty of the logo and correct message might not be conveyed.

Hence making things simple is the right choice. From colors in your logos to the shapes that you’re using. If you’re not using what is already there, how will people relate and remember it?

  • Versatility counts

Google is recognized by its fonts, while the iconic Apple is all about symbols. There is no one way to put a logo. Every brand has its own flavor. Has its own presence. The uniqueness makes all the difference.

The uniqueness can be achieved by making some custom elements in the logo. Sometimes it is the handmade font which makes all the difference, while other times it is about a creative shape that delivers the message to the customer.

  • Avoid Drastic changes

Drastic changes in your logo will kill the overall branding. Incremental reduction will protect the brand identity while giving the right message to your audience. If you change a lot of things at once, it will be difficult for the customers to put a finger on what is changing and what remains the same.

But if you want to change things, take small steps. From changing the font of the logo to making some changes in the shape of the symbol. Keep in mind that there cannot be more changes, they all need to be simple.

  • Compliment the website/app

What most of the designers make mistake is designing logos which don’t resemble or compliment the website or the app. Everything should feel like aligning all well together. From logo on the website to the payment buttons themes on your mobile app.

It is necessary to understand the importance of services which your website is giving and add the elements in the logo. If your logo is not supporting the website, it will create confusion for the people.

  • Use Customized logos

It’s easy to copy a simple logo unless there is some custom touch with it. If you’re making simple logos, good, go for it. But ensure that all the logos have one thing which can make it memorable. It can be a custom font or a different color. Or a tagline which is unique and get the job done.

To wrap it all up

Designing a logo is not an easy job. You need to create something which will impact the brand performance of your brand. If you feel that you don’t have the guts, go and hire website design agency which can get it done for you. Time is money, and when you see an offer its best to avail it. You cannot ignore the power of branding and logos can turn things around. It’s safe to say that now the logo consists of stories. Stories of success, struggle, and even pain which lead the creation of brands. Use the above tips to create your own story.


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