Inspire Your Audience with a Professional Website Banner

Banner ads are a medium to entice the viewers so that they give a shot to look at your page. Oh well!   Many critics are believing that website banner ads have no age left but a professional website banner is never too old and out of the market. Catchy website banner design ideas can lead to a prosperous look for the audience; they can provoke the imaginations, views and creative ability of the viewers. You need to understand the professional website banner before diving into conclusions. There’s a thin line between creatively amazing ideas and overcrowded website banner design ideas. A professional graphic designer must have a clue of the trends and basic features to be added to a professional website banner.

Not to worry! Soon you’ll get to know the art of inspiring your audience with a professional website banner by utilizing some remarkable website banner design ideas.


How to Design a Professional Website Banner?

The need for a splendid website banner design idea is a must to keep your audience engaged and to earn conversions.

The website banner design ideas have to be creatively displayed for inspiring the audience. Below you can find the answer to your query!


Inspire your audience, don’t drive them back

Inspire Your Audience with a Professional Website Banner

You need to be sure with your website banner design ideas, give it a close look, read out the content, review the images and make sure it’s not loaded up with a lot of fuss.

The audience drives back, due to the following:

  • Too much content is stuffed, with long and lengthy paragraphs. A lot of irrelevant information is jumbled.
  • Unnecessary images and pictures are set on the website banner.
  • Loud, bold and flashy colors are all over without any hint of sophistication.
  • Fancy typography is used, which makes the content unclear and invisible.


Standardize Your Banner Size

It is important to make your banner size according to the advertising site criteria so that you don’t have to resize the banner after completion and finalization of your design. Resizing puts your design into great jeopardy so it’s always better to begin designing with the rightly sized canvas every time.  This helps to minimize confusion of what size to be designed. Adwords are the best source to check out what’s trending in the market.


It helps to know about the updated limits set for the banner sizes. Here you go with some sizes

  • 300 by 600 – medium page
  • 300 by 250 – traditional rectangle, brings more impressions
  • 468 by 60 – full banner
  • 120 by 600 – sky scrappers
  • 320 by 600 – mobile banner

These are some of the basic banner sizes a brand must use.


Don’t Cluster – Reduce the Number of Interruptions

Inspire Your Audience with a Professional Website Banner

It’s a good idea to keep the banner simple and brief. Don’t try out things that will crowd up the banner that may distract the audience due to which they bounce back. Try to be creative with your website banner ideas and omit several things like:

  • Be concise, informative and captivating at the same time. Try to keep your content less but make sure that the message is communicated.
  • Don’t try to fill up a lot of irrelevant images otherwise the creativity and message from the image will be blurred and the audience wouldn’t want to have a look.
  • Refrain from tight spaces, writing out too much, adding pictures and unnecessary typography styles.

Just remember crowding isn’t a good option.


Use Appropriate Pictures Only When Needed

A professional website banner discourages the concept of infusing irrelevant pictures and colors. Images are important for a banner ad to make it more alluring not unpleasant.

  • You need to be sure that you’re doing simple artwork but it’s unique and fascinating.
  • The usage of vibrant colors is less with a combination of some other cool colors.
  • More human connection is shown rather than animations to grab attention.
  • Pictures are used according to the content.
  • Display product images, used by the consumers for creating engagement.

Grab Attention! From a Powerful Call to Action

The call to action is your banners’ primary source of conversion. It is the element through which viewers can convert into loyal buyers. A professional website banner must have an exceptionally creative yet engaging call to action.

  • It can be a regular button or a QR code to scan.
  • The call to action button needs to be clear with what to do; it should make sense in the whole banner design when displayed.
  • Provide some sort of direction for the viewer so that they interact with your banner.
  • Usage of catchy and bold content for the call to actions can create conversions. Such as buy now, join up and start now.
  • Choose good fonts

Usage of Easy and Clear Language

A professional website banner has few seconds to sell itself and so you need to be fascinating, loud and clear with your wordings.

You need to make sure your viewers click, by convincing them that your ad is relevant through your wordings. Through understandable language, make your viewers understand the importance of clicking the icon.


At the End

A website banner is the representation of a brand’s image and the message they are trying to send to their customers.

A professional website banner creates awareness regarding the product and services of the brand. It helps in clearing out the elements of doubt in one’s mind. So every business must try out this online advertising medium.


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