Places Where Your Logo Can Be Used

A logo is an essential part of a company’s brand identity and hence, requires immense time and effort in its creation. A company is likely not to put in its money and time into something it wishes not to use frequently.

Logos are meant to be used in as many places and on as many occasions as possible. It’s the official and the most appropriate identity of a brand hence, showing it off tends to generate customer awareness and recognition; two most important elements that each organization strives to attain. There can be lots of places where a company can flaunt its logo for the sake of grabbing attention, some of which this blog highlights.

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On Clothes

Logos can be printed on t-shirts and shirts that can be given to some loyal customers of the organization. Wearing these shirts, the customers may feel a sense of belongingness which could strengthen their relationship with the company. These logo-printed shirts can also be given to company employees, to be worn at trade shows and official events, where the employees can represent themselves as a part of the organization.

Printed logo on clothes


On Business Cards

As a very obvious option, company logos can be printed on business cards and other print items pertaining to the corporate identity of the company. Printing a logo on the business card simply helps in identifying the business card owner as a part of the company.

business cards logo


On Stationary

Often stationary given to doctors, by pharmaceutical companies, is seen to have the company’s logo printed on the same. This serves as a reminder for the customer to purchase the product themselves while promoting it to others via offering their suggestion over the same. These prints trigger the customer’s subconscious minds while forcing them to make the purchase when the need for a product, pertaining to the same category, arises.

logo design for Stationery


On Banners and Billboard

Printing a company’s logo on banners and billboards serves as a source of direct marketing. The company, through the same, is making the mass market awareness of its brand and the identity that it encompasses. At the mass level, this also serves as a medium of awareness for the customers in case if the brand is new, whereas; a source of reminder in case of an existing brand.

billboard logo banners


On Themed Items

There can be items that are relevant to a brand’s core identity. Company logos can be printed on these items for the sake of delivering a message with respect to the nature of the brand. Following this idea, a detective agency can print its logo on the magnifying glass or a car-hailing service can print its logo on vehicles.

logo brand design


In Your Office

If your office is a place where clients and customers are used to making visits, then there can be various places where you can put your logo. The logo can be painted or embossed on the walls, doors, in the corridor, or even on the employee’s desk. It’s all about how creative an organization can be.

logo for offices


On Social Media

The boom of social media is not uncommon to organizations and hence, almost all businesses around the world have shifted towards marketing their offerings through the same platform. In order to build a connection between the brand and its social media profile, a brand needs to put its logo as the display picture on the page.

logo for socialmedia


In Presentations

The presentations that a company makes to its potential clients, must also contain its logo for the sake of making a good impression on the clients.

logo for presentation


A brand can use its logo in places more than the ones suggested above. It all pertains to how creatively a company can think about its marketing and promotions. Once, the thought process starts, many new ideas are likely to occur.

corporate logo design price


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