Highlighting Seven Ways To Select Right Color Scheme For Your Website

Selecting colours for a website can be a daunting task. You need to select the right colour palette which can help you to convey your message clearly. Moreover, the colour scheme can help you to establish a strong brand identity and stand apart from your competitors. As colours can influence the human mind, the choice of colours on the website can attract a large number of visitors. Your selection of colours will decide whether visitors will continue browsing your site. If you are considering building a website for a particular brand, you can use the colour scheme of the brand for a stronger brand identity.


Select right colour scheme

The colour scheme, which you choose, can set the mood for a customer. You can start with a black canvas and use specific tools. We discuss seven methods in which you can select the colours for your website. Keep your business goals in mind when you select the colours.

The seven methods, which can help you to select the colours, are:

1) Using a natural palette can appeal to a larger number of visitors. Natural shades work better than their artificial counterparts. They are soothing to the eyes of visitors and can create a strong emotion of positivity. It can guide them to your products and images easily.

2) You can start with an image and co-ordinate the colour scheme accordingly. You can borrow colour inspiration from the image and develop an engaging website. At times,colour schemes from the image permeate the entire website and can create a unified identity.

3) You can choose the colours according to your goals. Banks and financial institutions are indicated in blue while restaurants are in shades of orange and red. Luxury products are usually depicted in black. Coupons and schemes are highlighted in bright colours, which depict their urgency. Warm colours are used for hotels to attract visitors.

4) It is important that you create a contrast between the background and the text. Apart from combinations of black and white there are other better combinations, as well. Grey, blue and black are other backgrounds, which can be used. If your product needs greater attention it is necessary that you select appropriate colours, which make your image stand out.

5) Select colours carefully and do not choose more than five colours. Too many colours will create inconsistency. It is strongly advised that a moderate number of colours are used. A chromatic harmony will attract a larger number of visitors to your site. Harmony among the colours will ensure a pleasant experience for your online audience.

6) You can make use of online colour palettes which include Adobe Kuler, COLOURlovers, ColoRotate, and Copaso. You can take colours from magazines and printed materials. Browsing web design articles can help you to select few of the best colour schemes. Keep your project in mind as you select colours for your site.

7) While designing the colour scheme it is important that you choose that which is easy on the eyes of the visitors. You must choose colours which do not cause eye fatigue.


Colours play an important role

If you are designing a website for the first time, you should play around with schemes till you find that which suits your interests the best. To emphasize an object, you need to use contrasting colours. The colour of your background should remain consistent with the total layout of your site. Most business websites contain the colour green. As long as your website is aesthetically designed with a harmony amongst the colours you can attract many visitors. Carefully selected colour schemes for your website will generate the right mood and feelings among your customers.

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