7 Habits of Highly Successful Logo Designers

Since childhood, I was not a good student. I was a student with average grades and did just enough to pass the class. But when I was in 7th I failed. I still remember that I cried a lot that night. My father took me to a park near our home. We sat on a bench and my father said the wisest words to me. Son, successful people learn from their failures, while the unsuccessful people just sit there crying, complaining and blame everyone else. Whatever you do, don’t be an unsuccessful man son.

I lost my father when I was in high-school but that message stick with me and I took it seriously. By profession I am a graphic designer and since I am a fan of ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ I would like to lay down habits from successful logo designers that can adapt and succeed at a phenomenal rate.

  • Be Passionate

It is considered a cliché, but it remains true that if you want to succeed at something, be passionate about it. An Apple didn’t just drop on Newton and he concluded instantly. It was his passion, his learning from the past that made him devise his famous laws.

As a logo designer, you must be passionate about whatever your skill. As by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book Flow; When you’re in flow you lose track of time. This is what being Passionate means. To do things in a way that makes learning fun.

  • Never Stop Learning

The second habit which I came across is never stopped learning. The Japanese call it the Kaizen Philosophy. To learn something new every day. As a logo designer, you must keep up with the trends. The latest happenings in the design field can help you get ahead of novice designers and up your game.

  • Identify your flaws & correct them

The core difference between successful & unsuccessful designers is that successful designers correct themselves on their way up. While unsuccessful designers don’t know what to do with their mistakes, they often spend time blaming others of their problems. You must end like these designers. You must identify your flaws and grow from it.

  • Brand yourself

There is so much to grasp from the internet that our minds cannot keep track of things. If you don’t brand yourself or tell the world that you’ve created something, and it is different from all other designers. You must create things and put them on platforms where people can find your art. And if you do things with intent people will remember your art and love you for your work.

  • They are good at Communication

What is the point of all the exercise if you cannot communicate well with the client?

Either take courses on good communication or read some books on it. In either way, you must learn how to get your point across to the people. Whether it is your sales pitch or your designed logo you must learn how to sell it well.

  • They take Calculated Risks

Nothing comes easy in life. For your life to succeed you need to take risks. You can try out a new design or a color that is not being used before. You can try a custom shape and see how people respond to that. Never be afraid to take calculated risks. If you don’t try out new things how will you know what is working and what is not working out for you? Learning never stops and to learn more you must learn from your mistakes.

  • They know when to say No

If you say Yes to everything that comes to your way, you will be saying No to things which are important and necessary to you. There is no harm in accepting that you cannot do all the things all the time. You must take responsibility of some of the things and leave out rest of the things. It’s your life and only you can decide what projects you will be working on and what projects are draining your energy.

To conclude it all

Balance is always necessary in life. If you follow these habits, you’ll be able to achieve more without working so hard for things. You have two choices. Either you can take these habits and grow, or you can move on to the next blog and forget it.

Nothing concludes without giving value to our customers. If you’re a brand looking to create a logo for your brand, connect with us. We won’t leave you unhappy.


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