Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs Is Not the Right Thing to Do – Here’s Why?

Are you looking forward to branding your business recently? And searching for a cost-effective means of getting your custom logo designed? If your answer to both these questions is yes, then the thought of Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs must have crossed your mind. To give you the best advice, get away with this thought for it will bring nothing to your brand but mere disappointment. For those who don’t know what Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs refers to – it is a design contest hosted by third-party websites where you have to upload the creative brief and multiple designers come up with their logo designs. You can pick the one you like and pay the designer once you are satisfied.

Seems tempting? No worries of hiring a personal designer, freelancer or some graphic design agency. No dragging of time in deciding the budget and explaining the creative briefs. Well, not everything that glitter is gold. You might find the idea of Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs incredible with budget-friendly and time-saving attributes, but the reality is far different from what you presume.


Why Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs Is Not the Right Thing to Do? –

Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs might help you at some point, but primarily this is not the right thing to do for a business. Here are the major reasons why you should reconsider the thought of Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs.


Branding Is Crucial to Every Business –

Branding is a crucial driver of success for any business in the era of digitalization. It creates an impression of your brand among the audience and plays a significant role in turning them into your potential clients. The most important part of branding is your company’s logo design that creates an image of your brand across the market. It is the foremost thing everyone notices about your brand and can-do wonders when made with perfection.

Thus, crowdsourcing offers a huge number of designers, a lot of them amateurs with no professional background. It puts your branding into a greater risk as the designers might not be able to understand your creative brief and come up with non-compliant custom logo designs.


Quantity Compromises Quality –

There are thousands of designers working at the crowdsourcing websites and the moment you put up a design contest, your inbox is bombarded with so many designs. However, not all of them are worth putting time and effort for and you end up wasting a lot of time surfing through these designs. You might be very lucky if you get to see a promising logo design and that too compliant to your business in the first go. Thus, the quantity does not necessarily bring quality and that is why Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs is not the right thing to do.



Designers Are Misused in Crowdsourcing –

To look at the ethical perspective, Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs is the worst practice. In every case, hundreds of designers are not paid for the time and effort they invest in creating a logo design. However, only one designer gets paid and that too if the client likes the design. Most businessmen say that designers are already known to the rules of crowdsourcing and they do it with consent. However, the odd situations and lack of jobs in the market are the drivers behind. Not to mention, they most often compensate for their effort and time by submitting poor designs.


Branding Is Not Just About a Logo Design –

Is branding all about logo designs? No, not at all. It includes much more than logo designs and the key is to keep all of the alignment with business goals and objectives.

With crowdsourcing option, you might get a professional logo designed for your brand. But where you will find the other things? Your website’s design? Your font choices and the layout of everything else you share online? Is that possible to crowdsource every time and get perfectly aligned designs every time? This cannot happen in real life and you need to come up with some better ideas. Hire an in-house or freelance dedicated designer for your brand or sign a contract with some professional design agency.

These in-house and freelance dedicated designers remain at the forefront of all your branding decisions, contribute to your business planning and share their skillsets in the best possible manner.


The Rule of Exception –

At one-point, Crowd-Sourcing Logo Designs can be a good option and that is when you are starting up a brand.

In case you are staring up with a limited budget at hand, then crowdsourcing can work for you as it allows you to set your budget and that too starting from $20 or more. it proves to be a cost-effective medium considering that freelance or inhouse designers generally cost between $100 to $150 these days.

Thence, if you are less concerned about the quality of your custom logo design then using the option of crowdsourcing temporarily can be an effective decision.


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