What is Brand Salience & How it can be measured?

Branding is one of the most important elements of a marketing strategy. It’s a necessity of every brand out there.

Brands that showcase themselves consistently across all social media platforms observe an increase of revenue up to 23%.

Consistently presented brands are more likely to have excellent brand visibility and exposure than those with inconsistent branding.

More than 80% of investors claim that name recognition is a critical factor guiding them in their investment decisions.

Consistent branding leads to increased brand awareness that can help get more customers and investors, increasing the revenue of your business, so consistency in branding is the key to success.

In this blog, we will discuss what Brand Salience is, how you can boost your brand for more visibility and how it is measured.

Source: medium.com

What is Brand Salience?

Brand Salience is a term used for a KPI that informs you how many visitors notice, think or consider your brand while they are making a purchase.

The higher your Brand Salience rate is the more chances of your brand presence to build stronger. Consumers consider your brand while they need a product. If your brand salience is low then your consumers might not know your brand exists and therefore, they won’t think about your brand while making a purchase.

Brand Salience is similar to Brand awareness, the only difference is that Brand Salience is more focused on the brand awareness at the actual purchase, rather than focusing on overall brand exposure.

For example, if someone is driving and wants to have a pizza, the first thing popping in their mind would be Pizza Hut, because its brand salience is higher, and most people are aware of its brand identity.

A brand like Pizza hut has set a perspective in its customer mindset, which is the reason it always gets considered.

Most of the people are aware of Pizza Hut already or have tried it once at least, due to their proper and eye-candy branding they always get customers’ consideration while making a purchase.


How to have High Brand Salience?

To have a high Brand Salience, your customer should first think about you as a solution provider to their problem.

We as human beings seek hassle-free easy solutions, and if you get successful in depicting your brand as the top solution to that problem then you will increase your Brand Salience gradually.

Brand Salience is a phycological concept. According to research “Brand Salience is a brand’s propensity to get noticed or come to mind in buying situations”.

This statement depicts clearly that you need to fetch your customer’s attention and make it unforgettable and easy to recall while they are making a purchase.

For example, If I ask you to think about any smartphone companies, what would be the first 2 ideas popping in your mind?

Well, of course, it should be “Apple iPhone or Samsung Mobile”

The reason you can think about it spontaneously is that they have created an impression in mindsets of people which also pops in when they are planning to perform a purchase.

To increase Brand Salience, some of your marketing campaigns won’t be focusing on persuading customers to get your product.

The major goal of your campaign would be to constantly reinforce positive associations with your brand.

Constant marketing display depicts that your brand is top-notch and dominant in its respective niche over your competitors.

Bombardment of trendy and innovative marketing messages will remind people about your brand before making any purchases, increases the chance of getting direct leads.


How to measure Brand Salience

Brand Salience is conceptual which means that there is no mathematical calculation for it to estimate its progress.

So how do brands measure it?

There is only one way to measure Brands Salience, which is through conducting surveys and discussing it in groups.

Collect feedback from your customers that what they think about you when they associate themselves with your brand, and if they recall your brand while making a final purchase.

You can conduct a detailed life on street surveyor in the form of a document asking your customers the questions like:

  • What do they think about your brand and where your brand stands against your competitors?
  • What color tone or logotype appears in their mind when they think about your niche?
  • Does your brand match their mind’s imaginary depiction?
  • What values do they find attractive that other brands are offering in your niche? Etc.

Their answers will let you improve your Brand Salience by executing the changes depending on your consumer’s feedback.


Brand Salience Model

Kevin Keller proposed a model for Brand Salience that got popular in the field of Digital Marketing.

Here’s how it looks like.

Brand Salience Model
Source: amazon.com

This chart depicts criteria to implement brand awareness by creating an identity that customers would remember.

The pyramid here depicts salience which you can increase by getting into more details, frequently collecting feedback, and crafting creatives that define your story.

Using this model you can increase your brand awareness, uplift revenue through more leads, and even attract investors.