Top 6 ways for Content Creators to make more Money in 2021

In this digital era where the Internet is blooming, many opportunities exist where you can create content and earn through several platforms and make more than a typical job salary as a part-time or even full-time job. Print media is there but not flourishing like digital media, which is why the need for content creators is increasing day by day as well.

Research conducted in 2019 showed that YouTube channels observed massive growth in subscribers by 1 million, and approximately over 1 billion watch hours of YouTube videos watched every day which is insane.

Before we find out some awesome jobs where you can make seven digits let’s have a look at who content creators are?.

Content Creators


Who are Content Creators?

Content creators are just like authors for books. An author writes a book on several topics and genres, in the same way, a content creator works digitally creating educational or entertaining content.

There is a huge variety of content creation that people pursue as their passion. There are many subtypes of content creation, i.e., Vlogs, Blogs, Podcasts, Audio videos, Conceptual photography, etc.


Top 10 ways for Content Creators to make more Money in 2021

Content Creators to make more Money in 2021
  • Social Media Marketing

You can work remotely as a social media manager and can handle other influencers’ social media handles. Most public figures require someone to handle their social media due to their busy routine and lifestyle.

You can manage social media and earn more through social media advertising, by running paid adverts to boost social networks for the people and manage, track and maintain the campaigns. You can also work as a social media strategist, and book consulting sessions with clients and help them uplift their social presence.


  • Online Tutorial’s

You can start by creating tutorials to spread your knowledge and skillset with others and earn along the process especially if you are updated with the latest digital knowledge.

According to research teaching online you can earn approximately more than 100 thousand dollars per annum. You can try uploading your content on YouTube, Udemy, Skill-share, and earn and establish your identity in the world of teaching.


  • Launch Exclusive Content

If you have a strong command of your niche, you know it in and outs, and the best ways, you probably need to launch exclusive paid content for limited people.

Since exclusive content is more appealed due to its quality it might tend to get some premium sales. If you initiate the process your revenue might increase by 50%. You can always keep an option of exclusive content which always receives particular attention and sales.


  • Content Subscriptions

Some of the content creators are selling their content through subscriptions.

For example, a Graphics designer teaches several techniques and skills to craft graphical elements on YouTube, where all of these video lectures are free, but he also has his presence on patron where he uploads his raw files, and free graphical elements and templates to reuse, one on one help support, etc. to his subscribed users only.

This is one of the best ways to introduce a side earning stream to double your earnings.


  • Selling Art Online

If you are a digital artist or canvas artisan you can post your art via online mediums and upgrade your earning streams. Social media platforms provide you with amazing features to live your online store and sell your artwork online.

Some of the digital artists develop graphical resources which are uploaded on websites on both free/paid types. Such resources are free to use, and the content creator earns good revenue from them which is analyzed on the number of downloads and other factors.


  • Selling Stock Photos

If you are a photographer, or even know how to take decent pictures using any camera you can upload your portfolio on such websites and earn when people use your photos.

Take it as a way to invest in your business, your photos stay there and you keep on generating money. One of the popular websites where you can work as a contributor is


Over to you

There are many platforms where you can work from home and earn a good amount as being a content creator. It’s one of the best ways to switch your hobby into your career which is not less than a blessing.

Try seeking for your skill core, that where do you stand and what you can do the best, and then try developing exposure on the internet through online mediums.

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