Make Your Billboard Ad More Impactful

Tips To Save Your Day, Here’s How You Can Make Your Billboard Ad More Impactful

In the contemporary world, digital business has almost outshined all other forms of businesses. This makes us question the durability of different forms of advertising as well.

Let’s begin highlighting how digital marketing has successfully managed to sabotage the importance of traditional marketing. It might seem disturbing to read against digital marketing on a ‘blog’ and that too on a ‘digital marketing service’ website, but being an honest marketer I feel the urge to address the elephant in the room (even if it gets me fired).

Traditional Form Of Advertising Is Still Impactful,
In The Digital World

To be specific, digital marketing mainly consists of pay-per-clicks strategies and this has put offline marketing strategies at rest. And because of this, even people with small businesses aim for high cost digital marketing. It’s not like I’m completely against digital marketing ( that’s what I do for a living) but the fact that it has sabotaged traditional marketing, disturbs me a bit.

In other words, if you’re branding for a food product, sure your pop-up ads will make a difference but with a huge yet creative billboard design at a place where you want to market your product the most, can do wonders for your business.

This is because the human mind still functions traditionally. Don’t believe me? Let’s create a situation. For instance, think of yourself as someone who’s just casually browsing on the internet and suddenly an ad of ‘juicy chicken burger near ABC town’ pops up, and ABC town is your town (obviously, duh!) You will focus on the pop-up for a few seconds but will eventually remove it from your screen and continue doing what you were doing before. But if you’re driving at your town and see a huge billboard graphic design that carries a visual representation of that juicy burger, you previously saw on your screen, you might turn your car to the place where that restaurant is situated. This is how traditional marketing impacts the human brain, and will eventually benefit your business.

Ways To Create Impactful And Creative Billboard Design

Without further ado let’s talk about some of the key points all billboard designers should follow religiously before creating something for their customers.


1. Keep It Straight


The first and foremost tip to create a perfectly impactful billboard ad is to keep it straight, I’m not talking about its position (which you should keep it straight, no one likes neck exercises while driving) but here I’m talking about the context.

Trust me, making it super-tricky to understand can only damage your brand image because your audience is sitting in a fast moving car and doesn’t have the time to understand your creativity. So try to keep it simple and straight.

Give all the limelight to your product’s service

Another important factor that usually gets undermined by creativity is service. The major reason why your billboard design cost is going from your pocket is to advertise your brands’ service or specialty, or simply the reason why one should buy your product. If you have a tiny spot left to advertise your service then there’s no use of a big advertising platform.
And again, your billboard is placed in a highway where your audience is literally speeding, you can’t expect them to spot your tiny “juiciest burgers in town” label at the end of your billboard.


2. Be Large And Loud


One of the key features of an impactful billboard is its size. In other words, your larger than life-size billboard can do wonders for your product’s branding.

You might be thinking why billboard design size really matters? Well, that’s what these humongous signs are all about. They want to be seen and appreciated, so make it as large, creative and catchy as you can. It’s all about the size.

All these key points are basics of billboard designs ideas that might help you in how to or how not to create a billboard design for your product.


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