The Evolution of Logo Design Trends over the Decades

Evolution of logo design trends has been a norm of each industry. Companies that do not take part in the evolution are eventually wiped out from the market. Hence, changing with respect to the time is an activity that is vital for each company to perform, today and in the future.

Logos, in case of designing, are the first element that customers notice in a brand. Hence, them being updated is as important as the brand being readily available for use. Therefore; companies need to remain open to the new trends entering the market while adopting them when needed.

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If we go back to the trends that have been a part of the graphic design industry in the past decades, we will see a major difference in the logos that were produced years ago. Here is a glimpse of the same for your perusal.


Logo Design Trends in the 70s


This decade has been known for breaking the design rules while introducing designs consisting of funny looking characters, weird symbols, and random color combinations. The logos, from the 70s, contained a tinge of wit, unlike the logos from the other decades. Also, these logos were seen to be making excessive use of Sans Serif.

Another trend that gained popularity during the 70s was that of slanted and curved typefaces. This feature allowed the creation of unique logos that had the power to capture attention instantly.



Logo Design Trends in the 80s


In the 80s the trend of having negative space in the logos popped up. Many of the logos hence were seen to have a hidden meaning with the intelligent use of negative space. Also, this era marked the launch of home computers and hence, a lot of the logos were equipped with a computer-generated feel. Logos of Adobe, Microsoft, Peugeot, all were observed to be having graphics that were bestowed with a computerized feel.


Logo Design Trends in the 90s


This decade observed a hike in iconic logos. Almost all the major brands upgraded their logos with an icon that related to the business well. The icons were bestowed with the features of the logo so that the connection of the customers with the brand doesn’t deteriorate. Also, bright colors and funky shapes were a highlight of this decade. From Coca-Cola to McDonald’s all the brands upgraded their logos with bright colors and gradients that made the design appealing and lively.


Logo Design Trends in the 2000s


In the 2000s the logos became simpler and easier to recognize. The gradients and shadows vanished and minimalism was acquired by the brands. Also, this era was known for the mobile revolution and hence, the designs were upgraded to be recognizable and decipherable on cell-phones. Moreover; word marks got into fashion and a lot of brands from eBay to National Geographic were seen to have logos that were word marks.


Latest Logo Design Trends in 2018


Currently, the logos that are in trend are the ones that are flat and minimal. No shadows and gradients are appreciated in this era and simplistic approach is the best way to design a great eye-catchy logo.


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