How to Deal with Creative Block

Creativity is within each one of us. It’s only a matter of harnessing the true power of one’s underlying potential.


The creative block is a common phenomenon that occurs to all designers around the world. It’s the blockade of ideas and thoughts that prevent designers from creating masterpieces that the world could admire. What’s its cure? A few steps that could lead to a clear mind that unleashes creativity.

Through taking up the tasks, mentioned below, designers will be able to discover their design style, which they can bring into action for the sake of creating good designs. These styles may include any from flat, late modern, hero realism, or grunge, etc.

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Task # 1: Mapping the Problem

Task1 - Mapping the Problem

This task involves writing or drawing the design problem in the center of the page while brainstorming on its solutions, which are to be depicted in the form of drawings as well. The solutions start branching out from the center till the time the page is completely filled or the ideas are drained. This activity is reflective in nature and once finished, the designer can then reflect upon the map while picking up an effective solution to implement.


Task # 2: The Music Therapy

Task2 - The Music Therapy

This activity requires music for the sake of discovering one’s hidden design style. All you need, for this task, is an internet connection and some great songs. Once the music is played, the designer is free to draw whatever comes to their mind while listening to the lyrics of the songs, be it a literal representation of the song or anything unrelated.

This particular task will help the designers identify the type of design styles they can master.


Task # 3: Logo for Random Items

task3 - Logo for Random Items

The best way to explore one’s design style is via performing the task practically. Clients are likely to come up with logo design requests for items that may be usual or unusual in nature. Hence, to have hands-on experience of the same you can pick a random item each day, study it in detail, and make a distinct logo for it after assimilating your ideas. This activity could prove to be fruitful in tackling customer requests for the design of extraordinary items.


Task # 4: The Circle Challenge

task4 - The Circle Challenge

This is a fun task that requires a designer’s full concentration. Designers get a paper with 30 circles drawn on it, as a part of the task. The designers are required to draw an item via coloring, joining, or lining the circles. The item could be anything as per their imagination. Also, the designers get a maximum of two minutes to complete the task for the sake of inducing pressure on them to think quickly. This activity hence tests the designer’s flexibility and confidence.


Task # 5: Calligraphy

task5 - Calligraphy

Calligraphy can be termed as fancy typography and hence, can prove to be useful in bringing out the artist within. Therefore; this task involves learning calligraphy as a means of getting the designers equipped with a new design style to use.


Task # 6: Design a Mascot for Yourself

task6 - Design a Mascot for Yourself

A mascot helps in strengthening a brand’s identity. It serves as a perfect tool for the personification of a brand and hence, enhances a brand’s character in all truly means. Designers can evoke their creativity via designing a mascot for themselves; a character that perfectly describes their personality. This character could have features and qualities pertaining to a hero or a villain.
This task can help designers design visionary logos with precision.


Task # 7: Incomplete Shapes

task7 - Incomplete Shapes

This activity involves printing incomplete shapes drawn on paper and trying to complete them within two minutes. The aim is not to get the right thing drawn rather it is to draw something that makes sense. This task allows designers to let their imagination wander while coming up with designs that can help remove the blockade.

Your Comfort Zone Can Be Disastrous
Designers that prefer working in their comfort zones are never able to set their imagination free. Creativity can only come to a person who is willing to leave their comfort zone for the sake of trying things that are challenging yet interesting.

These activities, as mentioned above, can help designers unleash their creativity. These tasks will push them towards doing things that are not usual to them, however; beneficial in many ways.

Whether these activities would work or not depends upon how sincerely they’re performed. Hence, if you are a designer suffering from creative block, take a leave from work and try performing these tasks with faith that they’d bring a positive change. The result would be miraculous.


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