The Best Time to post on Instagram – 2021

Among the Instagram users, one question is always been on the top, that “What is the Best time to post on Instagram to get more engagement?”

Most of the Instagram Influencers and Social Media Marketing Agencies post and gain massive exposure of organic likes and comments.

What kind of tactics do they adopt to obtain the best timings to post on their Instagram?

People may suggest you best time to post on Instagram, or you may find several blogs and videos predicting the best timings to gain more likes, comments, and reshares.

Those specific time slots might be effective for them, but they might not work the same for you.

In this article, we will guide you to find your best time slot for posting on Instagram, to maximize your engagement.

Premium time to post on Instagram – 2021


What is the most premium time to post on Instagram?

The answer is pretty much simple. There are different timings for every account, depending on the niche and where your target audience resides.

Every audience is unique for every niche, due to that the demographics might also change.

Demographics consist of time which might differ according to different locations, resulting in different post timings.

The idea is to post when most of your audience is online. Instagram boosts posts that tend to get more impressions.


Tips for finding your premium posting time on Instagram

These premium tips will help you get the most out of it. Your engagement will boost depending on how well you follow these tactics and stick to them.


Check Analytics and Track your Best performing posts

Analytics and Track your Best performing posts

Instagram Analytics provides you with a powerful set of tools to analyze your performance. You can track which one of your posts is performing better than the rest and which ones are not gaining any attention at all.

You can track your booming posts with high impressions, and fetch the day and time you posted it on. Keep on gathering all the information as you proceed and keep on verifying the results.

You can perform A/B strategy testing on your Instagram post timing, and observe which time frame is providing better results.

You can also consider making your content planner interesting, while crafting your social calendar make sure that you keep your target audience in mind. Focusing on your target audience exports better content which your audience might love.


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Check the availability of your Audience

After tracking your posts, the second most important element is to fetch your best posting time when your audience is the most active throughout the day.

Usually, you can see results in infographics, divided into days and time frames, depicting the number of users who were active at that particular time frame.

After researching your target audience, you can select one among the three social media users by a generation that would be your primary audience to target.

  • Millennials (23 – 38 years old)
  • Generation X (40 – 54 years old)
  • Baby Boomers (55 – 75 years old)

Each audience carries different habits, time, average duration, and behaviors of using social media.

Your posting timing would switch according to the above-mentioned factors. The best practice is to try to post on generic time frames from 6 am – 12 pm. Observe the results and keep on altering the posting timings depending on your activity and reach.


Track your competitors posting time

If you are having issues in calculating your specific posting time, you can try to adopt the posting time of your competitors. You can track their accounts and note all the variations of time they are posting at.

Try to implement all time frames and track performance for each post concerning the time slot selected. Compare all the time slots and their results and pick the one with the highest engagement ratio.

Keep on switching time frame by half an hour +1 or -1 and see If the results are improving or decreasing, take your final decision.


International Audience tracking

International Audience tracking

If you are operating remotely and your audience is located somewhere else around the globe, then you can post keeping the international time zone in mind.

To deal with it effectively you can try scheduling the posts so they get posted automatically.

In the end, the main goal is to post when the probability of your audience viewing your post is high.

To see the results, you have to stick to these tips, and most importantly the more you practice the perfect you get. It takes time to get to know your perfect posting time on Instagram.

So, play around with your posting time on Instagram and find your best time frame.