Five Visionary Branding Trends to Become Popular In 2021

Branding a particular good or service is one of the most complex tasks out there. Especially in this era of cutthroat competition where hundreds of businesses are looking to make a name for themselves and stand. Branding is a practice where a business entity creates a logo, a symbol or a name that becomes identifiable as their own and later helps them distinguish themselves apart from the rest of the competition.

Over the years we have seen many Businesses become world leaders by effectively creating a brand name for themselves. An effective branding strategy not only allows the business to stand out within a crowded marketplace, it also gives the customer something to resonate or connect with. A brand needs to implement effective branding techniques if it is looking to achieve relevance among its target audience. Here we would like to tell you about some branding trends that we think might help take your brand to the next level in 2021.


Have a look at these visionary branding trends:

  • Give your brand a more humane feel, put a face on it!

Pretty self-explanatory actually. Now we all know how having a humane connection with anything provides us with a sense of belonging. From the famous colonel sanders of KFC to that pringles guy whose mustache we all wish we had there are plenty of examples out there. These faces or shall we say unique characters are given interesting personalities that perfectly capture the core essence of the principle that an enterprise is representing. Lately, we are seeing more and more brands taking up this unique and visionary branding trends.

Give your brand a more humane feel, put a face on it!


  • Use Quirky Art to resonate more with the youth:

This technique usually comes into play if you are targeting a younger audience. As we all know about the current cultural climate and how hip-hop and funk are the presents and even the future. Quirky art by definition is imagery that is a mixture of different artistic styles, this gives your brand a much-needed uniqueness. Using well thought off, colorfully designed and one-kind imagery whether it is cute funny or even whimsical, it will surely bring some attention from the youth if not all. Remember, two of the most important cornerstones of branding are memorability and recognition. This visionary branding trends will help you achieve both.

Use Quirky Art to resonate more with the youth


  • Embrace the colors there is allot to express

The main goal behind branding is to make the brand be able to stand out and make a separate place for itself in a densely competitive market. Traditionally consistent color schemes were considered to be a safe bet as it was easier for the consumers to associate with its key colors. However, as we have discussed earlier that the times have drastically changed. The youth of today and even the millennials are now more attracted towards expressionist color schemes as they provide a contrast of a more futuristic world. So, don’t be afraid to use sharp and more complex color schemes to give your brand a more unique feel. Lately, we have seen many companies adopt this visionary branding trend, have a look:

Embrace the colors there is allot to express


  • Stand for something:

Now we all know the current situation of the world we are living in. There are injustices going on everywhere and with almost everyone. A strong brand identity is created when that said brand associates itself with a social cause. For instance, Nike’s support for Collin Kaepernick for bending the knee against racism during the national anthem in NBA games or Pepsis light up lives campaign where they provided many homes in Pakistan with access to electricity. In these modern times, consumers especially the gen z and the millennials expect these huge corporate entities and well-established brands to use their position into creating a meaningful difference. This means taking a side against social injustice or raising a voice because they have the power to be heard. This also allows the brand to present itself to be something more than just a product.

Stand for something


  • Create an immersive experience

Branding is not just about the logo, packaging and even the website of a particular product in fact it is all of those and much more included in one. The modern customer expects to have an experience when he or she purchases a product. It is not just about consuming and moving on now, if you want your customer to come back and choose your product over others in the market you will have to take them on a journey. Going an extra mile to retain a customer is now the name of the game. For instance, as we all know that the online marketplace has seen a huge boom over the last decade and it is very difficult to make a place for oneself in this densely competitive market. Sellers are now coming up with unique ideas to make their brands stand out. One such idea is the unique unboxing experience that gives the customer a sense of importance and aesthetically it looks very attractive as well.

Create an immersive experience

Now, looking at these branding trends that we just covered, we can clearly see that there is a shift in the paradigms of the relationship between a brand and the consumer. The customers are now seeking a more intimate connection with whatever they buy or intend to buy. The brands on the other hand are tirelessly looking for new ways to make a separate place for themselves in the market. These branding techniques will surely enable you to offer something more unique and even help you in forming a formidable connection with the consumers.


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