Correct Or Not? Here’s How Logo Prediction Went In 2018

Since the time human race stepped into the era of trends, I mean the 20th century, things have always seen the hype. Whether it’s about social media trends, food trend or even business trends, people always try to build everything as ‘trends’.

Gurus Of Marketing And Their Prediction:
Did Their Forecast Work Or Not?

If you aren’t associated with the industry of marketing and branding you wouldn’t be aware of the ritual connected with this field. The marketing gurus showcase their skills by forecasting regarding the ‘future’ trends in marketing. And in this blog, we’ll dissect their prediction regarding latest logo trends designs of 2018.

Now that it’s almost the end of the year 2018, it’s safe to put our side of the talk about the predictions made in the previous year. Let’s dwell on my favorite task, judging and reviewing!

Here’s What The Pandits Of Marketing Predicted About The Trending Logos In 2018

How accurate were they with their knowledge?

● “People Will Go For Simplicity”


The most used phrase of 2017 regarding modern logo design trends was, “people are going to prefer simplicity in their logo design”.By simplicity, they meant, less use of colors, the easy hand with formatting and elimination of irrelevant elements.

Well, guess what? Predictions of pandits were plain accurate here. We have seen simplicity blooming in the branding market this year. Mighty companies remain persistent with their simple logos, and others revamped their logos to simple.


● “Clean Shapes Will Be A Hit In 2018”

Clean Shapes Will Be A Hit In 2018

Another major prediction regarding logo designs and their demand was “people will prefer clean shapes in their logo”. Clean shapes mean clean logo color trends, complexing logo designs won’t act as eye-candy for people, says the predictors.

With simplicity comes simple shapes, so it’s safe to say that another prediction was made precisely by branding gurus in 2017.


● “Responsive Text Is What People Will Prefer”

Responsive Text Is What People Will Prefer

With clean shapes comes clean text, but a few years ago logo designers thought of stuffing their logos with all the talent they have. Contrary to previous year demands, the gurus predict that people will opt for less-complex and more understandable and catchy text.

Without being biased or anything, we will again declare the correctness of the above prediction. As 2018 was all about the clear-cut text that doesn’t involve any kind of mystery in digital trends logos.


● “Abstract Logo Style Will Remain President”


Well oh well, we finally came on to the negative part of our blog.

The abstract logo design was a big hit back in 2016 and 2017 but the style couldn’t do much in 2018 and hence proved the prediction wrong.


● “Multi-Centric And micro line? Did They Make Up To 2018?”

Multi-Centric And micro line Did They Make Up To 2018”

Master card logo, being the pioneer of multicentric logo designs, was predicted to rule 2018 along with micro lines. But limelight was snatched by both of the factors in 2018.

Now that we know how predictions regarding logo design in 2018 went, it’s time to wait for upcoming logo design trends in 2019 now!


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