Why Hiring Remote Graphic Designers Is Beneficial For Companies

Remote work is becoming the new buzzword across design industry. From the flexibility of schedule to saving commute expenses and time, remote designers are enjoying all the perks that they might require for maximizing their creativity. However, it’s not just the designers but employers are also being benefited by hiring remote graphic designers.

With each passing year, more and more global organizations are seeking out to hiring remote graphic designers. They are becoming a means of making designs cost-effective and easy at the same time. Without any doubt, there are so many advantages associated with hiring remote graphic designers and they have been talked about comprehensively in this blog post.


A Paradigm Shift Towards Hiring Remote Graphic Designers 

Wondering how big is this paradigm shift? To burst your curiosity, a research took place in 2018 had revealed that around 63% of the companies based in the U.S. are working with remote designers. Additionally, the American Workplace Report by Gallup states that 43% of the employees in the U.S. works remotely at least for some time during their careers. And among those who haven’t worked remotely yet, around 37% states that they would immediately switch to remote work as soon as they get such an opportunity.

Also, a report presented by The Global State of Remote Work, states that 16% of the companies across the globe have fully transitioned to remote work and around 52% of the employees from across the globe work remote at least once in a week.

Seems huge, huh? Well, the perks and benefits of working remotely are pretty enough to fascinate both the employees and the employers and so, these huge statistics can grow gigantic any time soon. Also, the outbreak of novel coronavirus has pushed a great proportion of businesses and industries towards shifting remote. And once discovered, none of them would deny the advantages of remote work worldwide.


Why Hiring Remote Graphic Designers Is Beneficial For Companies?

The above being said you all must understand how the design industry has been greatly impacted by remote work along with others. With a great proportion of designers turning remote, learn why hiring remote graphic designers can be beneficial for your company in this blog post.


Hiring Remote Graphic Designers Is Cost-Efficient ─

Hiring remote graphic designers helps companies cut their excessive costs such as recruiting and on-boarding expenses. From recruiting and training an employee to their final on-boarding along with benefits, taxes, and allocation, etc., a company has to bear almost 1.5 times of an employee’s salary, according to Eric Koester. However, companies that have transitioned to hiring remote and cost-effective graphic designers do not have to worry about these expenses.


Gives Access to the Global Talent

Unlike in-house designers that can be only hired from nearby places and from within the state or region, hiring remote graphic designers gives access to global talent. Companies can search for a designer that best suits their job description from a gigantic pool that spreads to the global ends.

This not only helps in hiring ultra-talented designers from the global pool but also brings diversity in your work and allows your brand to flourish internationally.


Work Through Different Time Zones ─

This is surely a treat for most international companies. For hiring remote graphic designers help you to connect with talents from across the globe, your team of designers can consist of people belonging to different time zones. Yes, you guessed it right. Your team can work 24∕7, ensuring their availability at any hour of the day. As an outcome, your clients can double and so does your sales and revenues.


Maximizes Productivity ─

Yes, working remote maximizes productivity, and both the employees and employers agree upon this thing wholeheartedly. You need stats to believe? Well, 86% of individuals who were surveyed by Sure Payroll, stated that they prefer working alone over working in a crowded place and that their productivity is highly increased while they work from home. Also, around two-thirds of the team managers surveyed, stated that they have observed a great increase in productivity among those employees while they work remotely.


Reduces Sickness Delays ─

Working in house and traveling long hours are greatly connected with the increased levels of stress and blood pressure, as well as the risk of illness. And employee’s sickness is considered as the topmost reason why projects are delayed and deadlines aren’t met.

With around 82% of the remote employees reporting a great decline in their stress levels, the possibility of a remote worker falling sick seems pretty less than that of an in-house worker. Design is a steady profession where rapid changes and revisions are a daily routine. Therefore, a company cannot take risks with their designers falling sock very often. So, hiring remote graphic designers can be a great means of relief for them as they hardly take sick leaves and are usually available 24∕7.


Putting It All Condensed

There is one significant advantage of hiring remote graphic designers for the companies and that is, remote work is the future. With the unstoppable growth of digital economies, remote teams have been proving to be more and more cost-effective and beneficial for companies across the globe, saving their cost and time, pooling in global talent, and making design flexible than ever. Therefore, it really seems to take up the industry pretty soon.


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