5+ Twitter Tips for Beginners (The Game Changer)

Twitter is considered the most official platform since most brands, companies, celebrities, artists & politicians use it to keep their followers in a loop.

If you are starting from level zero, or have a responsibility assigned to boost Twitter marketing then it’s always a good approach to learn some tips and tricks to gain success before you even start twitter marketing.

Here we have highlighted the best tips you would wish you knew earlier.

Twitter Tips for Beginners


  • Tweet Often and Early

This is one of the most important tips, you need to consider when you are starting with Twitter. In the early stage of tweeting, there are not any specific guidelines to tweet on Twitter.

The best timeline to post on Twitter is not defined because you don’t have a proper audience following you that has an interest in your niche at an early stage.

The best way to explore it is to experiment and post often so you can develop an understanding of your audience. You need to check up on followers because not all of them are highly active on Twitter, the best way approach to deal with it is to post all around the day instead of posting at a one-time frame of the day.


  • Set a tweeting velocity on Twitter

Posting too much in a day can be a bit annoying for your audience, posting 10 Tweets every 5 minutes a day can make your audience annoyed.

You can set a proper velocity for your tweets, the best way to find your posting velocity is to track your engagement for your every post, if your engagement is increasing you can post more, but if you find a drop in engagement you can slow down your tweeting velocity.


  • Engage with your Audience

While posting on Twitter, most people forget that Twitter is a social network. Most of the brands out there just post links on their Twitter, to redirect people to their websites. You can’t adopt that approach on an initial level.

You need to develop an audience that will engage with you. You can post a couple of posts with CTA (Call to Action) inside them, such as polls, FAQs, or This or that posts to let your audience engage with your content.

You can also follow a couple of handles on Twitter related to your niche and can engage with them by commenting, participating in the contest, reacting to posts, etc.


  • Tweet on Trending Topics

Tweet on Trending Topics

Twitter has a powerful feature of Trending Tweets, where you can have an idea about what’s popular in your region or all around the globe.

Multinational companies often participate in conversations that are trending. It can be either some recent topic that got into trending or some hashtag trending on a specific day, For example, Mother’s Day.

Don’t be afraid to participate in the conversations, it’s not a must that you only tweet about your brand, try to think outside the box, you can also tweet about the topics that are closely relevant to what your brand stands for.


  • Utilize the Tweet Space

Utilize the Tweet Space

Twitter expanded its tweet characters limit in 2017, from 140 chars to 280 characters, some of the users didn’t like the idea and some did. However, this feature helps you tweet a decent about of information in a single tweet.

Don’t take this feature for granted, and utilize it properly. You can also stuff in some hashtags to maximize your reach.

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  • Check your Twitter Insights

Check your Twitter Insights


Don’t just start posting on Twitter just because your instincts tell you to.

Research your Twitter Insights before you start to post, and monitor which posts are well-performing and which are not.

For example, you notice that your video posts are getting more engagement instead of standard tweets then you should focus on uploading more videos on your account to maximize your engagement.


  • Join Twitter Community

Twitter is not only a tool used for content distribution only, in fact, but it is also a social platform where you can communicate and engage with your audiences.

Join communities on Twitter and interact with other people. One of the mistakes these brands do is to spend no time understanding the Twitter ecosystem.

Participating in some relevant Twitter chats is the best way to enroll in twitter communities.


  • Create graphics templates to reuse

Create some graphics templates according to your brand theme and design, that you can reuse to post your tweets with some artistic visuals.

Such visuals are mostly used in social media marketing because visuals tend to get more engagement than simple text tweets.


Over to you

Adopt these tips to boost your Twitter marketing and take it to a new next level.