Top Five Web Design Trends to Follow In 2020

Inevitably, the web design trends are changing day by day with a great transition in design plans. It’s difficult to forecast what’s going to be the new web design trends of the era. Hence, we can see the designers play with extremes, by inventing and mixing various web design trends to make up something exclusive.

As a part of the world of designing; it’s not wrong to think that this year is all focused on intuitiveness and clarity in designs. With a great deal of flashy yet subtle colorful flat illustrations and mixed photographic minimalistic modes, the web design trends in 2020 will cover up all the spectrums of designs.

Moreover, at this time of frame when push notifications, several open tabs and navigation buttons. Keep striving for our attention; it’s not wrong to depict that today’s websites need to focus on transmitting functional, professional and cannibalistic web design trends.

According to website statistics, “94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design.” Hence, it shows the importance of the creative display of your web pages. To build a lasting impression on your viewers on how they perceive your website, follow these ultimate 5 web design trends to brace up the design game.


Top 5 Mind-Blowing Web Design Trends You Must Follow!

Here you go with the 5 in fashion web design trends every graphic illustrator must follow. Like every brand gets their physical outlook designed with a lot of concentration, they need to pay heed on their web presence as well. Let’s Begin…


Hand-Drawn Realness Designs

For years the impersonal graphic designs were ruling the platforms but the times have changed now. The hand-drawn illustration that solidifies the emotions and feelings creates an amazing touch of humanity in websites.

The imperfect drawings, scribbling, patterns are launched as the new web design trends in the market. Here, it focuses on the detailing and richness of visuals that attract real feelings. More to those designers are adding messy look on their websites purposefully as it’s added in new web design trends.

Furthermore, this new rebellious pattern is a counter-movement for the superannuated flat designs. So if you wish to flaunt then incorporate realness to your website design that balances and show off your brand personality. Moreover, displaying your edgy spaces with imperfect lines and curves that flaunt with multiple color variations assists in grasping the viewer’s attention.


Hyper-Realistic 3D Designs

According to many well-known designing hubs like Pitch Studio, it says, “I expect to see more of the 3D technology in graphic design and interaction design.” This clearly states the essentialism of the 3D graphic representations in the world of designing.

As the unfolding of 2020 is near, the ultra-tech designs have gained popularity. Virtual Reality based designs have crowded up the screens. Therefore, these interactive designs encourage users to stay for longer and explore more about the website.

Offering digitally rendered 3D illustrations with fluorescent colors and multiple variations in artworks lead to grabbing viewers. The fact that 3D- modeling programs have gained dependence thus their features are rolled onto every next page.


Classic Shadows and Layering Designs

Soft shadows and floating attributes are not just graphics! It adds more onto your screen. These shadows create depth and an extra edge to your design that highlights with a 3D light action. Moreover, images and text can be added to these designs that give a great eyeballing look. However, various layers of artistic patterns, textures and curves add up creativity and extra depth. These shadows showcase lightweight feels of sharp, classic, impassable flat designs that are floating over each other.

Alex Ivanov shares his thoughts by saying, “Soft shadows and floating elements create a pseudo-3D effect and make the design more layered and more interesting.” This clarifies the need for artistic work that has a light effect with doubling attributes but with a minimalistic punch.


Futuristic Glowing Designs

As we’re moving forward in 2020, we can see multiple jumbled features. May we talk about overlapping artwork with photographs and texts or fearless luminous color pairings? All go in one pack filled with zestful, attractive and glowing colors.

  • Muted backgrounds with glowing texts and images
  • Scattered luminous colors on the web page
  • Highly dripping colors with combinations of a dark background
  • The fashion of Neon pops in the dark
  • The passion of Duotone color scheming on the webpage

In the race of invention, the Duotone phenomena play a great role as it’s a part of the furniture of web design trends in 2020. The halftones and medium tones are the ultimate features of the superimposition of contrasting that makes the whole space look exclusively impressible.


Parallax White and Dark Mode Designs

To go easy on the eyes the attributes of dark and white flows well in every branding perspective. For a truly dynamic design, dark colors help in improving the visibility of the image or design that enhances the accent colors.

Well according to many product designers like Sam Chang, “The dark mode is so hot right now.” This statement justifies the idea of dark mode that can also adapt in the dystopian, cyberpunk, flashy neons and subtle color contractions.

Moreover, the full-bleed images with a parallel space covered with white frames give a more sophisticated yet modest look. Now designers are playing with solid white spaces with colorful variations, bold typography and catchy images. Therefore the clean and clear canvas with a handful of popping features captures the attention of the viewers.


Flaunt Your Website Your Way!

Attention-grabbing graphic visuals with bursting color contrasts and reinvented web designs give a great eye dropping effect for the viewers. To get your illustrations designed right check onto web and logo design packages provided by many graphic designing agencies. Make sure your artwork is packed up with hand-drawn designs that subject realism, glowing and florescent color combinations, shadows and layering designs and the white and dark mode designs. At the brink of this era, designers are looking forward to emphasizing over more responsive yet friendly designs with minimalistic designs.


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