The Science Behind Colors; Business Card Colors That Go With Your Profession

Business cards or visiting cards are a contemporary tool of marketing, that have marked its territory in both of the eras; the traditional marketing era and the modern day marketing era. Business cards have always been an epitome of class in the marketing world. And even in today’s world, the medium is making its way to the top.

Graphic Designers today know how marketing tools do wonder when combined with creativity. Even the standard-sized paper when creatively created and designed become a mini advertising for their clients.

Business Cards; Indulging Deeper Into The Designing Details

Being surrounded by a bunch of hyped-up graphic designers, I often found myself struggling not to look at their screen and do my work instead. But these innovative designs and the catchy color combination is just too attractive to ignore.

But there’s always some science behind the art. The heads I see busy in choosing the perfect branding color schemes surely know how important it is to be accurate with their art. But have you ever thought why is it so necessary to be specific and accurate in color choice in business cards?

Well, I was way too curious to find out the mystery in the making of business cards and I found some absurd science in this too.

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Business Cards And Color Choices;
Unleashing The Concepts Behind Choices

We all know how different colors affect differently on the human brain, for instance, the color red represents the symbol of fear or danger. That is why we find this color on the road signals. Just like that, the color pink symbolizes the feminine perspective, therefore we often see women-ruled parlor logos made with the color pink. But in today’s blog, we will witness how this color plays a role in business cards, which we think is supposed to bring all the needed information on the table.

Know it before you choose it; here’s how different colors act differently on the business cards


Black Colored Business Cards


Similar to black color’s instincts, black colored business cards represent class elegance and sophistication as well. Black colored business cards often come strong and vibrant at the first glance. People who want to bring strong attention to the table, prefer making their business cards with the color black.

For example, imagine a lawyer’s business card made up of yellow color, would it look like a lawyer’s business card? Not at all! But imagine a black, hard stock paper used in making a lawyer’s business card. It will give an instant boost to the person’s personality as well as their profession.


Blue Colored Business Cards


Blue, the professional business card color, is often preferred by people whose profession seek trust and confidence. Like doctors, a doctor’s business cards’ targeted audience is his/her potential patients. And with blue color, they trigger the trustworthiness out from the doubtful customer.

In other words, the blue color is perfect for people that want to deliver the trustworthiness of their profession, instantly.


Red Colored Business Cards


The color- with or without being associated with business cards design- throws a strong signal. When this color is combined with some serious content and appropriate contact information, it instantly delivers the work quality of that specific profession. The red color indicates that the company, person or organization is action oriented and passionate about their work.


Yellow And Orange Business Cards


The yellow colored business cards become an uplifting source for the profession. Similarly, orange color also indicates positivity and optimism. Oftenly graphic designers combine the two colors for a profession’ business card that demands an optimistic approach from the beginning.


Purple And Magenta Colored Business Cards


Purple and magenta color is often used to represent an imaginative and creative approach. These colors are the most experimented one, people associated with professions like fashion, art and culture use this color to paint their mini-canvases (business cards).


Pink Colored Business Cards


Unlike Magenta or purple, the pink color indicates a more affectionate vibe. The pink colored business cards are often preferred by people associated with mental health and counseling professions.

The branding market has brought a lot more innovation when it comes to designing a business card. With crazy cut-outs and glittering, business cards look nothing like their older days form.

And now that you know how to choose business card colors, we hope you’ll keep the relevancy factor in your mind while designing or ordering one.
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