Top 5 Creative Ways to Draw Your Customer’s Attention in 2021

One of the biggest challenges brands face during marketing campaigns is to fetch the customer’s attention.

Digital marketing is blooming in 2021 and more businesses are switching towards online mediums. It makes the competition way stronger than before.

Today, getting customers’ attention to what you have to offer or say is an uphill battle.

So, what are that way that can help get your customers attention and retain it? Let’s hop into the 5 creative blueprints before any further delay.


Grow your website organically on Top of Google

Your website’s search engine visibility is directly proportional to your brand awareness.

The higher your website would rank, the more positive attention you would garner from your potential customers.

But why organically when you can get it done via paid ads on Google? Well organically ranked website is much more effective than paid ads on Google.

That’s because if customers find your business through Google search, they would appreciate the fact that your business is authorizable enough to rank higher on Google pages without advertising.

From a consumer point of view, we mostly ignore ads, knowing that anyone can pay google to get their websites ranked.

Long story short, SEO (Search engine optimization) is the effective way to get your customer’s attention and improve overall brand awareness and ranking.

Start optimizing with the basis of on-page SEO that includes:

  • Page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for the right keywords.
  • Use a keyword research tool to get your events optimized.
  • Compress all images for file size and descriptive alternate texts.
  • Site speed optimization by minimizing redirects, enabling cache. You can check PageSpeed Insights to get recommendations to make your website faster and reliable.
  • Blog posts with comprehensiveness, keywords, and internal linking.


Now proceed towards the backlinking process. Target high-quality and authorized websites via guest posts and outreach. Quality backlinks are pivotal to achieve a higher ranking on Google.


Host Social Media Giveaways

Social media is the second biggest search engine. To bring your brand under the limelight you need to generate more user-generated content. User-generated content in the form of brand endorsements, form reviews, shoutouts, customers success stories, and testimonials go a long way in building your brand awareness and credibility in the world of the internet.

According to facts, 80% of people consider online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So how you would encourage your customers to make content for you?

It is simple. Initiate with incentive, send a giveaway, or conduct a social media contest.


Create Content that Your Audience wants

Social media is an ocean of content flowing through the feed. In every niche, you may find competition since Brands have started to switch towards Digital Marketing.

If you want to get your customer’s attention, you have to make sure that you provide them with the content they want, which is top-quality and in line with your niche, and somewhat better than your competitors.

To deliver that you need to conduct brief research on your customer’s pains and reliefs, what content would be helping them the most. Don’t aim to just market your product out there. You can create awareness and add on some facts that why would they prefer your service over others.


Use Video Marketing

According to research, Videos tend to get more engagements and impressions on social media.

YouTube is one of the most used platforms for Video marketing. People search for literally anything including How-to, DIY, Tutorials, Recipes, you name it.

Video is indeed a powerful marketing asset that an increasing number of digital marketers are starting to take advantage of.


Engage with your audience on social media

One of the biggest benefits that social media provide is to interact with your audience more humanly.

So, you can skip out the robotic autogenerated reply method and interact with your audience making them feel more comfortable.

This will make your brand more approachable and reliable.

When people encounter your authentic and fun social media conversations with customers, they’re likely to offer you a follow and eventually pay more attention to your business offerings.

There are no easy thanks to putting it — the competition to catch and retain customers’ attention today is completely rife.

You’ll have to invest time and effort to stand out as a brand with your customer acquisition and content strategy.


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