How Much a Professional Logo Design Should Cost In 2020?

A logo design is your organization’s foremost representation, connecting your brand with your targeted potential audience. Therefore, it’s crucial to craft a custom logo design that helps you stand ahead of all the competitors. Picking a professional logo design company to get your custom logo designed with perfection often put brands into a moment of despair. The very moment you begin searching an appropriate option, a gigantic variety of logo design companies begin bombarding you with widely varying pricings swinging from the $5 to a no less than $ 5,000,000.

You might get a custom logo designed via crowdsourcing even before paying anything. And you may need to pay several hundred- or thousand-dollar bills to get your logo designed and customized. The question arises – Which logo design company is offering the right quality? What would be so great and different in a logo design costing thousands of dollar bills? What should you ideally be spending on a professional and custom logo design?

A company’s name and logo can play a huge part in its success, while the simplicity, versatility, and agility of its brand can have an enormous impact on its lifespan. Marrying them together in a way that truly reflects what the company is all about and leaves a lasting impression on the public is something every business founder aspires to do.   Forbes Alison Coleman


So, How Much a Professional Logo Design Should Cost In 2020?


How Much a Professional Logo Design Should Cost In 2020?

All the questions are, no doubt, justified. And they primarily narrow down to the logo design companies or freelance designers approaching you for the task. Also, the aims and objectives of your business contribute to the creation of professional logo design. To put all the startup brands or those rebranding at ease, I’ve put together all the available options for a professional logo designing along with an estimation of how they would cost 2020.


Create Your Own –

Staring up a small business and have a history in design? Then creating your custom logo design is the perfect option. All you need to do is find an inspiration, chose a design software you’re most comfortable with, and boom! Show your creativity and design your brand’s first custom logo design with Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Canva or Vectr at a minimal price range – from $12.99 to $20.99 a month.


Buy Custom Logo Design Templates –

If you are low on budget or lack sufficient time then the unique custom logo design templates available online are made for your brand. With these custom logo design templates, all you have to do is download a template of your choice, tweak the details as per your brand using design software (recommended– adobe illustrator), and your unique yet professional logo design is ready to flaunt.

You can easily download the custom logo design templates from Creative Market (hundreds and thousands of free logo designs ranging from $2 to $49,000), Graphic Burger (logo designing packs ranging from $20 to $100), and GraphicRiver (ranging in between $10 to $500).


Crowdsource A Custom Logo Design –

A great means of hailing the perfect and professional logo design in 2020 is to crowdsource. If you are unsure of themes and struggling to get something worthy designed, hosting a crowdsourcing contest can solve your problem with a gigantic range of designs.

You simply have to announce a design contest at platforms such as DesignHill (ranging from $109 to anything according to quality of design), 99 Designs (ranging from $399 to $1699), and Design Crowd (ranging from $109 to anything in alignment with the quality of logo designed). Most crowdsourcing platforms prefer upfront payments, but they also offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the designs.


Hire A Freelance Designer –

If your brand seems to be on the growing stage and you aim to capture a bigger audience with professional logo design, the best solution is to hire a freelance designer for your brand. Freelance platforms like of fiver (costs you from $10 to $250 depending on your design requirements), dribble (can be subscribed at $99 per month and designers usually cost n between $15 to $200) and Upwork (costs you in between $10 to $200 per hour) provides a great variety of professional designers.

These rates vary according to your requirements and processing time. Thence, an ideally professional logo design usually costs between $450 to $2500 on such freelance platforms.


Hire A Professional Logo Design Company –

If you are an established brand and a huge audience market to cater and entertain, hiring a professional logo design company to get your professional logo designed is the ultimate solution. However, a professional logo design company costs a huge budget, it can assure you an uplifting recognition of your brand. An ideal custom logo design company in 2020 might charge you in between $2,000 to $5000, and some extra professional may head up to $10,000. For a huge budget is at stake when hiring a professional logo design company, it’s always helpful to carry through a background check.

Putting it condensed, crafting a professional logo design can cost you from a few dollar bills to the thousands of them, depending on the type of your business and how much recognition you desire. However, the above-mentioned cost analysis to get a professional logo designed in 2020 can surely accelerate your design process.


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