Web Design Trends 2018

Web design has gained immense popularity since the internet has been brought into the limelight. Quite a few years and almost all the businesses have shifted towards concentrating their efforts in making their websites appear perfect. The idea of having a flawless website is indeed a profit-generating conception for which good businesses have started approaching high-profile developers and designers for getting the work done in high-quality.

Agencies that have been working in the domain of web designing are well-informed of the trends that prevail in each industry. Knowing the styles and fads of designing, these agencies prove to be a good resource for businesses that wish to make a difference with their websites.

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However; for businesses that are low on budget and cannot afford to hire an agency for their web design task, here are a few top web design trends that they can work on for the sake of improving their website design in 2018.



Minimalism web trends 2018

As in 2017, this trend has continued in 2018 with the same intensity. Minimalism has won the show by being a trend that allows visitors to concentrate their attention on what’s important. To be precise, minimalism accounts for less cluttering of the design so that it remains clear and comprehensible. With less clutter, the visitors’ sight is made to fall directly on the things that are meant to be useful for them. Minimalism, as a matter of fact, also calls for eliminating the items that are unwanted for the sake of avoiding distraction and disturbance.

Minimal images have also made it to the web design trends for 2018. These are images with a plain background; to help the visitors remain undistracted as their attention is brought back to the image each time it tends to get sidetracked. This trend proves to be good for e-commerce sites where images of numerous selling items are displayed.


Innovative Designs

Innovative Designs

Visitors tend to be attracted towards designs that they find unusual yet creative. Since it is the extraordinary that captures attention hence, innovative designs remain successful in surpassing the ordinary ones while making it to the list of the new web design trends of the year.



Videos web trends 2018

Videos have remained one of the top trends of the year 2017 and have been successful in retaining the same position in 2018 as well. With videos, it is easier for a business to explain the idea that it desires to impart and hence, this particular trend tends to reduce the bounce rate of a website to 100%.

Though being an important trend, a business should never overdo it. Publishing numerous videos on the website can make it pretty confusing while been a source of distraction for the visitors. Hence, the number should be kept limited to one or two videos per page.



Shadows web trends 2018

Shadows help add extra depth to the image while highlighting it for enhanced focus. Designers, in case of website designing, can make good use of shadows for the sake of drawing attention towards their call to action buttons while making them more visible.

This particular style can also be used on images to make them appear three dimensional rather than flat.


Responsive Design

Responsive Design web trends 2018

With the emergence of digital technologies, people have moved towards using the Internet on their handheld devices. This has caused a shift in visitors visiting the site using their mobile phones. Though the websites appear to be the same on the device, as when viewed on the laptop, however; a part of it may appear disoriented due to it being unresponsive.

In order to cater to the issue, responsive websites have come into the trend in 2018, allowing designers to design the site in a manner that it adjusts itself with the changing interface of the device it is viewed on.


GIFs and Animations

Responsive Design web trends 2018

Images tend to capture attention better than text does. Hence, the use of GIFs and animation, on a website, proves to be of great help. Also, new in trend are cinemagraphs that are still images with a portion of it animated. These images are good for websites as they are eye-catchy and engaging.


Split Page Design

Split Page Design web trends 2018

Split page design, as the name suggests, allows a designer to split the page into areas where a part of it can be used to showcase text whereas, the other half can be used to display images. This way the designer can make the website content available in as less of an area as possible without disturbing the UX of the website.


Bold Typography

Bold Typography web trends 2018

The use of correct typography is certainly the most important factor when it comes to website designing, however; with it, a designer also needs to ensure that the typography remains bold and clear. A great font used in a size that is small enough to be viewed is a waste of the designer’s efforts. Therefore; in order to make sure that the typography remains readable, a designer should always use fonts that are bold and clear; which is the final trend of this list.

Final Verdict
Following these 2018 trends of web designing, a business can easily grab the attention of its visitors while making its website effective at the same time.

Small companies, that cannot afford to hire knowledgeable agencies for the task, can go through these trends while coming up with a rough design for their website, which they can communicate to their freelance designer for a great design output.


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