Landing Page Mistakes: The Hidden Factors Sabotaging Your Conversation Rate

In today’s business world, it’s all about how your website looks and functions. Whether you want to attract new buyers or bound the old clients, a cleverly-designed website can do wonders for your business.

We often hear marketing gurus guiding entertainers on how to make their small business bigger, but the real tip lies in the website designing and landing page tips.

But with demanding efficiency comes blunders, that subconsciously does a lot more damage to your business than you think it could do. The efficiency demanded in the making of a website is usually represented by the landing page of any site. But this blog isn’t about how to make an effective landing page but instead, we’ll focus on how some of the blunders present in the landing page can sabotage your conversation rate with the clients. All these factors lie in how to create a landing page effectively.

Customer Interaction:
Elements Involved In Sabotaging Of Conversation

The first and foremost factor that stimulates the conversation between the organization and the customer, is the company’s website, and especially their landing page. An attractive and cleverly-designed landing page works as the first impression on customers.

For starter, a person makes sure to use all the right lines to indulge someone in a conversation. But if they fumble, sputter or say anything irrelevant, the conversation can never get stable. Similarly, when a landing page doesn’t operate the way it’s supposed to, then the company can only witness its downfall and that too unconsciously.

To save you from these silent yet deadly factors, here are some of the mistakes that you need to look out for in your landing page:

1. Your Content Is Dull And Subpar


One can’t undermine the impact a catchy content can create. Similarly, a dull and unoriginal content can act as the repellant factor in a conversation between your brand and your customer. Most of the times, people don’t really give importance a landing page deserves. No matter how well-design your website is or how talented the web-designer was, a dull, thin, and barely catchy content can undermine all the efforts done on the website designing and landing page design inspiration.

2. A Junkie Landing Page


By junkie, I mean a landing page full of junk and clutters. In order to clean up your code just remove the excessive and unneeded sections, make use of Javascript or Ajax, remove unnecessary pages and so on.

3. Distracting Visuals


The major sabotaging element is the inappropriate use of visuals on the landing page. It’s important to remember that every extra element is disastrous for your website, then your website and eventually to your business.

Rather than acting as landing page conversion optimization factor, these visuals act opposite. This stuffing of visuals will only count as the un-professionalism the company represents and will be of no benefit to your website.

4. Not Enough Information


Another landing page mistake that unknowingly damages your brand’s image is the unavailability of information. Just as irrelevant content kills the credibility of your brand, the unavailability of needed contact information sabotage the interest of your customer.


To conclude it’s safe to say that these mistakes when recovered can only benefit your brand. But these aren’t the only one that you need to look out for. There are tons of hidden factors located on your landing page that might be doing great damage to in the conversation rate, the brand’s identity, and customer interaction.


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