Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

How about making professional logo designs simple but memorable? – Colors are an important weapon for logo designers; they give a synthetic touch to the sight and perception of the audience. A good color contrast leaves no space for negative marking while it helps to grab attention and mesmerize the viewers. Excellent color contrasts are important to be focused for the creation of professional logo designs. Graphics help in increasing the visibility and engagement rate through the splash of colors leading towards professional logo designs. But wait! Colors are not the only medium, there are other elements attached as well.


Yes! Color contrasting does help in differentiating features from your rivals. Excellent color contrasts are also important for professional logo designs as they build up brand personality and persona. Thus, a clear brand message can only be reflected through an adequately colored and crafted logo design.


However, the prime reason to have a balanced amount of color contrast in all your graphical representations is “Accessibility”.

Accessibility – The Need of Color Contrasting

Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

In today’s world of ultra modernity; it is essential to represent information, features and visuals much rightly before they are thought to be incomplete or flawed by the audience.


Just like the accessibility of equipment for the disabled such as spectacles, crutches, wheelchairs are necessary within hospitals; similarly, the logo designers must keep the needs of disabled people in mind while designing the features and attributes of a brand’s logo.


According to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), the professional logo designs must be created with the aim of having easy accessibility while viewing a logo. As per the survey conducted, more than 26.9 million adult Americans face visual disability even though they’re wearing spectacles and contact lens.


So, you need to pay heed over color contrasting and accessibility while creating professional logo designs. Otherwise, a great chunk of your powerful audience will disappear before even getting to know your brand.


Is accessibility for logo designing an important tool for color-contrasting?

Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

Oh yes! Accessibility is the key to visualize things better that helps in catching audiences’ attention. Visual disabilities are a great point of concern and professional logo designs must be created with vision-related disabilities.


No matter how many features are chosen for professional logo designs, the accessibility aspect remains vital. Here you go with some amazing elements you need to choose that jointly work with color contrasting.


Elements You Need to Choose for Color-Contrasting of Professional Logo Designs

Below are some elements that you need to keep in mind while choosing colors for your logo.

Typography Style of a Logo

Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

Basically, typography is the font style used by a designer in order to make the text attractive and readable. It is an art that adds voice to a logo. Typography helps in communicating brands’ ideas and messages to the audience.


If a balanced combination of subtle and bold colors isn’t chosen, no matter how outstanding it looks, it won’t be readable. Colors are used in order to enrich the readability of fonts and attain higher accessibility.


The correct use of font style and colors help to engage the audience towards the logo. Professional logo designs are meant to be minimalist, simple and clean. The blend of color contrasting and typography go hand in hand.


If the color contrasting gets wrong, the words become unclear and ambiguous as well. Hence, a keen selection of colors and typography should be accustomed; to maintain higher accessibility for those having vision-related disabilities.

Text Size and Shape of a Logo


The font size and width of words must be according to the space provided. It shouldn’t be too big and bold that it suffocates the real beauty of your logo.


Excellent color contrasts are important when thinking of text sizes. Keep the font small but appealing with delightful color combinations. The text size must be a bit big so that it’s easy to read when used with lower color contrast.


According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), 4.5:1 is the standard level for color contrasting and textual size for visual presentation.


The shape of your logo is another medium for grasping attention. A shape is a self constrained area of geometric representation or free-formed shapes. You need to think about which colors to use in your shapes for increasing their accessibility.


Colors play a vital role in professional logo designing by the shapes and sizes moving along in the visibility sector. If the colors are too flashy and unpleasant, the audiences would move away. You need to make sure things are visible and easily accessed by the viewers.


Background Color of the Logo

The background of your logo must be set with the aim to display the text and colors clearly so that the audiences don’t have to bother their eyes. It is recommended to use a dark text with a light-colored background and vice-versa for a dark background.


For the sake of audience accessibility, the background colors must be chosen according to the brand. Also, the color contrasts should be executed while keeping in mind the audiences with disabilities and ways to engage them.

Resolution of A Logo

Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

Professional logo designs are created by keeping in mind the sharpness and clarity of the image or colors used. Try not to put them in the situation of needless eye strain. Use colors that are easily visible in the sunlight, dark and in areas with minimum lighting.

In the end!

Why Excellent Color Contrasts are Important in Professional Logo Designs

For excellent logo design, it is mandatory to keep some of the common elements in mind while deciding the color contrasts. Your audience must get captivated by your logo design and not run away from it. Accessibility plays a great role in engaging the audience; a designer should always think of the audience while crafting designs.


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