Your Guide to Sustaining Brand Loyalty during COVID-19

A quote by Shep Hyken the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations believes in the dwelling of brand loyalty. Therefore, every business must understand the vitality of sustaining brand loyalty during the COVID-19 outbreak. Though this awful time is quite distressing and alarming for brands. However, building brand loyalty isn’t easy peasy but it’s a priceless function in these times of pandemics. You cannot rely on traditional methods in this ultra-modern epoch. Well! Here you go with a guide for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19, try to make life long brand enthusiasts, not just customers.


“Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.”


Undoubtedly, a brand must try to captivate a customer’s subconscious action. Thus, the best way to prosper in the battle for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 amongst brands; is the perception built in their minds. Therefore, it will lead towards brand recalling, retention and participation.

Moreover, Brand loyalty creates a huge impact on the existence of a brand through interesting marketing and branding strategies. Firstly, you need to know what brand loyalty is and the significance of sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19?


 Brand Loyalty is what?

Brand loyalty is the capability and likelihood for potential customers to buy products from our brand whereby, eradicating the concept of buying from others in the market. Thence, it is the sense of accepting the gestures of loyalty, trust and indulgence towards a specific brand for a prolonged time.


Significance of Sustaining Brand Loyalty during COVID-19

Of course, it’s essential for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID -19 as it will help in encouraging purchases and customer retention. However, it’s high time for everyone so brands need to pick up pace through strategies for grabbing customer’s attention as it will add up to……..

  • Increase in sales
  • Generation of profits
  • Spreading the word of mouth marketing
  • Improve brand awareness among multiple audiences
  • Gear up customer retention
  • Builds up brand attachment
  • Boost up purchases
  • Helps in prospering against rivals in the market

Buckle up brands! As here you go with some evolving guidelines for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 pandemics.


 Guide for Sustaining Brand Loyalty during COVID-19

Beginning with a famous quote by Howard Schultz the Chairman of Starbucks Coffee Corporation, who says,” If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to a brand.”Therefore, it marks the idea of developing a remarkable value set in the subconscious area of the customer’s brain.

Consequently, in this dreadful situation of Coronavirus brands must try to relate resources, marketing tools and content based on the attachment with the COVID-19 pandemics.


Tip 1- Be True to customers

“Customer is the king”. We all have heard it out and it’s for sure true without any further debates. Thereby, building trust is the most important pillar to set; you need to add up value for multiplying trust. In these times of pandemic sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 can be gained if the brand is loyal open to the customer and sticking on non-negotiable quality patterns through……..

  • Improve customer security and safety in online purchasing portals
  • Build visibility for your brand
  • Be active on social media sites
  • Exclude formulaic content, instead be more personal
  • Be consistent in what they do
  • Always be within easy reach
  • Communicate more with your clients
  • Don’t manipulate, promise more
  • Especially in this outbreak deliver on time

Tip 2 – Be consistent with Brand Identity

To foster sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19, you need to be consistent with what you do with your brand identity. Additionally, brands must try to incorporate the best custom logo designs’ in their marketing kits and channels of sales.

The best custom logo design that is already hooked up in your branding materials, web pages, social media posts, emails and print should be consistent and not altered with too many changes. As for now, it’s the only option for customers to recall and come back to you as it…….

  • Boosts up trust and loyalty
  • Differentiates your brand in a competitive landscape
  • Helps in sustaining brand perceptions
  • Positive emotions are evoked
  • Inject a feeling of Brand attachment

Tip 3 –Be Unforgettable with Customer Service Experience

Loyalty becomes fragile if the customer experiences an issue with something and you’re not there for listening. Remember! You need to be just a call away in these times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, if they receive a swift, prompt, memorable, helpful and worthy answer for their query. Trust me; you’ll be in their forever reliability brand list. On the other hand, if you drop the catch, Boom! They’re gone forever.

Moreover, try to be friends with your customers for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19. This could be done if your availability is easily accessible and your responses are quick; which will mark your customer services as a stellar experience at this time of an outbreak.

  • Offer trouble-free returns – try to make the return process easy, transparent and straightforward. Therefore, if the customers will find fewer hoops to jump and reach out they’ll feel comfortable and build loyalty for your brand.
  • Prompt for feedbacks – asking out for responses make your customers feel that you do care for them in this dreadful situation too. They’ll believe you’re ready to help and offer services at any moment.
  • Make it simple to find information – it is the most effective way to help your customers. Try to provide information beforehand so that they don’t have the need to reach your customer service team. By adding up!
  • How to guides
  • Reference links
  • Tutorials
  • Friendly reference articles
  • Policy and returns page


Tip 4 – Give a punch of Perks this COVID-19

Honestly! Sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 is incomplete if you haven’t thought of incorporating an amalgam of amazing incentives. Besides, communication and availability you need to be proactive with the ideas of perks like……..

  • Playful competitions
  • Customer appreciation posts
  • Insightful Tutorials
  • Amazing discounts and offers
  • Home-based activities
  • Giveaways
  • Entertaining content

Unavoidably, brands if try sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 through a punch of perks they’ll for sure be able to…….

  • Encourage customers to come back
  • Increase repeat purchases
  • Brand loyalty is gained
  • A great tactic to add value
  • Customers feel valued and taken care
  • Helps in building brand evangelists

That’s All!

While building a brand there are a number of things to be remembered and enforced. Wherefore, brand loyalty is just the first brick in the construction of a pillar but the paramount one. Thence, right now brands must follow up guidelines and tactics for sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19 through customer service experiences and trust-building. Certainly, this time is quite terrible for the whole world, so brands must endeavor to remain in the minds of their customers by sustaining brand loyalty during COVID-19.


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