Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Life can get confusing when you have to make decisions that can make a huge impact on the results, that’s the point where your vision gets blurry.

The same situation exists here when you are planning to promote your Business or Organization but it gets confusing.

Don’t worry, we got you on this one. We will take a brief look at both of the marketing types and discuss their pros and cons making it easier for you to decide which marketing type will best suit your marketing needs.

Let’s understand the core meaning of these types before we proceed towards the comparison


What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing approach you execute through online mediums. All of the marketing campaigns are performed online, i.e., Adverts you observe while browsing your Internet or social media, that is digital marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has many sub-branches which provides you the ability to reach your desired customers using different approaches.

Some types of Digital Marketing that are widely used.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing

And much more.


What is Traditional Marketing

If you call traditional marketing Vintage marketing that won’t be wrong. It’s being used before even digital marketing existed. It’s widely used for offline mediums. For example, Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Television Promos, Billboards, etc.


Types of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has many types to target the desired audience.

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Broadcasting
  3. Door to door sales
  4. In-person pitches
  5. Mails
  6. Print advertising
  7. Referral marketing

And many more.


Advantages of Digital Marketing

After the establishment of the Internet, the majority of the population have their online presence which acts in the favour of digital marketing due to more wide range and having an advantage to alter the audience the way you want.

Some of the advantages of digital marketing are


  1. Variety of options to Boost Engagement

According to a survey, every 6 out of 1 person has an identity on the internet.

Even if it’s just an email ID. Social media is one of the strongest mediums to connect with your consumers and interact with them, through likes, comments, and shares on your products engaging your consumers to the next level.


  1. Higher Conversion Rates

Digital marketing provides effortless conversions to the users.

The online experience is made so hassle-free that users find it much easier, faster, and more convenient while making a purchase online.


  1. Customers are Centre of Attention

Digital marketing is all about getting the consumers’ problems off the bucket.

If they are dealing with any problems, they can just search it up seeking the solutions for their problems reaching you out easily, instead of you always trying to reach them out.


  1. Advertising is Cheaper

Setting up the campaigns for your brand can be much cheaper than the traditional ways of marketing, where you have to lift your budget to get featured, whereas marketing on digital media provides you with a wider audience at a low budget.


  1. Tracking your Audience

Once you made up your mind to invest in advertising online, you can also track the progress of your campaign if it’s working as planned or slipping off the grid. There are plenty of tools out there to track the results of your campaigns. One of the reliable and accurate tool is google analytics where you can monitor real-time data depicted on graphs and metrics showcasing the results of your campaign all in one place.


Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Just like everything has pros and cons, digital marketing also exists of some cons which are discussed below


  1. Ads can be Annoying

Each one of us has experienced it on the internet. Imagine you are browsing the internet to watch some good movies and random ads pop up on your screen repeatedly which you are least interested in, may spoil your mood state.


  1. Can be Easily Skipped

Advertising digitally can be ignored easily, they are non-permanent and can easily disappear when the user switches to another page, or get it crossed out.


  1. Evolving Continuously

Digital marketing keeps on evolving and upgrading, so there is a lot to learn always. Every social medium out there requires a skillset specifically for itself to master its advertising. That’s one of the reasons most people prefer the branding agency to handle their digital marketing which is all updated with the latest technologies making sure you get the best bang for your buck. 


Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is used to target your audience locally. Many businesses target locally through TV channels, Newspapers to get leads.


  1. Physical Copy

Many traditional methods include physical printing media which provides the user to hold on to something and takeaway, just like fliers, banners catalog, etc.


  1. Consistent Medium

Unlike the digital marketing methods which keep on changing, for which you have to keep on learning new ways to stay ahead of your competitors, traditional marketing stays the same without many enhancements.


  1. Implementation is Much Easier

Implementing the traditional ways of marketing are simpler and much easier. Most of the businesses already have an idea of traditional marketing and its strategies which makes it smooth for them to adopt the traditional way.


Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

After such innovation traditional marketing have its disadvantages


  1. It’s Difficult to Track your Results

One of the main demerits of traditional marketing is that you can not keep a track of your campaigns if they are doing well or underperforming until it’s too late, unlike digital marketing where you can track your campaign results on real-time data.


  1. Advertisement is often Expensive

Placing your ads on billboards, TV promos, etc, can often cost you a lot as compared to digital media where you can set your budget depending on your reach.


  1. No Direct Interaction

While advertising through the physical medium you can not interact with your audience, know their problems. Even collecting feedback can be difficult which often helps you make your business better.

Consider a marketing medium that suits best for your business needs.


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