10 Questions To Ask From Logo Design Agencies

If you’re looking for a logo design agency, there are many options. But how do you pick one? What questions should you ask of your potential logo designer? And most importantly how much should you be willing to invest in this project? This article will cover ten questions that can help guide your decision-making when choosing an agency for your next project.

What is the agency’s mission?

The first and most important thing you should do is ask about the agency’s mission. How does it define itself? What are its goals and objectives, and how do they fit within your business objectives? Does this align with what you’re trying to achieve as well?

If the agency has a clearly defined mission statement, don’t hire them! You want someone who understands what they’re doing and why—not just another company looking for more clients or sales opportunities.

What is their process for logo design?

When it comes to logo design agency, you will want to ensure that your company has a process. That way, when you hire a designer, and they start work on your brand, it will be completed within the time frame that makes sense for your business.

While there are many different ways designers create logos (and we won’t get into those here), they need to have one thing in common: consistency. This can include using specific colors or fonts when designing a particular type of graphic—but ultimately, if the result doesn’t look like what was expected, then chances are that something went wrong along the way!

What type of logo do you need to create?

You’ll need to know what kind of logo it will create to hire an agency that’s right for your business. There are five main types of symbols:

  • Logos that represent a brand or product. For example, Apple has a recognizable logo representing its products and services.
  • Logos represent ideas or concepts from other cultures or historical times (for example, Coca-Cola). This is called a “symbol” because it means something bigger than just one company; it symbolizes an entire idea or concept.
  • Users create logos through crowdsourcing (i.e., people submitting ideas using social media platforms such as Instagram). This type of design tends to come out more organic than others because there isn’t any structure behind it—it’s just pure creativity!

How will your logo be used?

Before hiring a logo design agency, it’s essential to consider how the company will use your logo. The best way to do this is by identifying what you want the logo for, then asking yourself: Will this image be appropriate for that purpose?

You could use your new brand identity on social media or merchandise to increase customer awareness and connection. Or there are other creative ways to use it within the organization, such as on documents or presentations (like brochures). If so, make sure they’re tested before committing!

What is your preferred style of artwork and logos?

When hiring a logo design agency, you must know what style of logos you prefer. It can be tempting to hire someone who will create something completely different from your current brand—but if your company is known for its consistency and reliability, this might not be the best idea.

If you want a logo with more flexibility than what most agencies offer today (and if so, read on), consider hiring one that can adapt well as technology changes over time. Asking this question upfront will help ensure that the final product meets your needs and expectations at every stage of the production process: initial concept development through final implementation into existing materials such as print materials or websites.

Are there any logos that you admire or aspire to be like?

When looking for a logo design agency, you must know what your ideal logos look like.

This will help you narrow down the field of potential agencies and ensure that they meet your business’s needs. Also, ask them about their past work and how they approach projects.

If one person likes a particular logo, chances are there’s something unique about it that could also resonate with other people. It may differ from the most popular or universally accepted design choice (i.e., Apple). However, there could still be ideas worth exploring within its framework that could benefit other businesses looking for inspiration!

Is there anything that you would like your logo to include? Conversely, are there any elements that are a no-go for you?

Before you hire a logo designer, it’s essential to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want my logo to include any specific elements?
  • Are there any elements that are a no-go for me? If so, why?
  • What do I like about the current logo design, and what don’t I like about it?

Try working with more than one designer on your project because each designer will have a different perspective on what makes for a compelling brand identity.

Do you have color preferences? For what purpose(s) will the logo be used (e.g., print and web)?

Your color preferences are an essential part of the design process. A color is a powerful tool that can help you tell your brand’s story and add emotional resonance to it, so it’s essential to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before starting the process.

Here’s how this works:

  • Consider your personality and target audience when choosing colors for print and web designs. For example, if you’re launching an eCommerce store where all products will be sold on the website only (no physical storefront), then using bright primary colors like red or blue would be more appropriate than pastel shades like pink or purple.
  • On the other hand, if your company sells clothing in stores around town as well as online through its website/storefronts (and maybe even through third parties), then using muted pastels might work better than vibrant hues because they’ll stand out against other merchandise within stores while helping customers recognize which styles come from yours specifically—making them easier to find when they walk into one!

How much do you want to invest in this project? Do you have a budget in mind?

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibility and should be willing to invest in your brand. You should feel free of any budget or budgeting process. If the design agency has a high price tag, it may only be worth your investment if they deliver what they promised in terms of quality work.

Asking for what you want is also essential when hiring an agency because sometimes these agencies can be stingy with their pricing structure; however, negotiating can help ensure that both parties win while saving money on fees as well as time spent on projects that won’t turn out great anyway (or worse yet – take longer than expected).


Whatever your budget and design preferences, you must know what you’re looking for in a logo. There are many different types of symbols out there, and each has unique characteristics. Take some time to consider what kind of logo you want, how much money you want to spend on the project, and how much time will be needed by both parties before making any decisions on whether or not working together would be beneficial for both parties involved.