Latest Logo Design Trends

Ever wonder what the future of logo designing holds?

It is definitely difficult to predict the forthcoming, however; the trends of 2017 that have surfaced so far, sufficiently point towards the bend in trends that logo designing would examine in the near future.

The trends, as for 2017, are aimed towards making logo designs distinctive and relatable for the target customers to grasp promptly. Moreover; the designs are kept stylish and elegant at the same time to ensure attractiveness and allure. Below we have for you a list of the design trends that are on the verge of ruling the design world in 2017, and later.


Broken Letter Logos

Broken letters are the newest in trend and hence, have gained the due attention they deserve. These logos have letters sliced into pieces while the word remains readable. The shattered nature of the logo forces the viewer to take a notice of it with thoroughness and diligence while increasing its chances of grabbing the attention of the viewers immediately.

Also, the broken nature of these logos, at times, points towards a meaning hidden beneath its surface. Some relevant examples, of the same, are as below.

Latest Logo Design Trends 2017-Broken Letters


Minimalism Logos

Overly crowded logos not only make the brand appear complicated but also seem to be unappealing. Since a lot of elements make it into these logos, the essence of the brand gets lost in the clutter. Therefore; rather than keeping it busy, designers have now shifted towards the notion of minimalism. Minimalism calls for simplicity and unfussiness which leaves the logo as plain yet elegant.

The lesser the complexity, the easier it is to be interpreted.


Latest Logo Design Trends 2017-Minimalism


Hand Written, Hand Drawn Logos

These are hand-made logos brought into its digital form. The specialty of this kind is the feeling of warmth and congeniality which it is capable of delivering. Appearing in a raw form, the hand drawn/written logos are gaining popularity for the connection they are able to build with the target audience. Hence, wish to have a new logo for your brand? Give this category of designing a chance.

Latest Logo Design Trends 2017-Hand Drawn Logos


Negative Space Logos

Designing with negative space turns out to be a clever idea in today’s age of clutter and disorder. Negative space allows a brand’s logo to possess a deeper inner meaning, for the customer to identify and interpret. It is the blank space, within the design, that contains in it a meaning or key towards unveiling the true essence of the brand. Several famous brands including FedEx and NBC have made good use of negative spaces while making their logo standout from the rest of their competitors.

Latest Logo Design Trends 2017-Negative Space


Overlapping Gradient Logos

Overlapping logos too are gaining popularity in the fast paced world of logo designing. These logos have gradients overlapping one another to form a beautiful image that is appealing to the eyes and distinct enough to be identified. These types of logos were quite popular for animal related businesses, however; with time they have penetrated into other industries while forming their identity in the most appropriate manner.

Latest Logo Design Trends 2017-Overlapping Gradients


Design trends are on the roll and the next year would probably see a newer set of trends that would take logo designing to an impeccable level. For now, the trends, as mentioned above, are the ones preferred by growing businesses and brands. Taking a hold of these or waiting for new ones to emerge is the choice of the management, however; the race for betterment, in this regards, is sure not to end.


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