The Hidden Tools; Here’s How You Can Design A Book Cover Worth A Lifetime

Rather than the content written in it, a book is bound to impress its customers with the energy displayed on its cover. Although it’s almost a sin in the book world to judge a book by its cover, still one can’t deny the power of the good-looking book. Let’s be honest, you can’t expect a reader to have superpowers to pass through the cover and look into the matter of the book in bookstores, of course, they will put hands on that book whose covers had the potential to attract them. And, which they find as the best book cover designs.

Now that we have been brutally honest by clearly disposing of the common narrative used in the book world, let’s get on to the actual component of today’s blog.


Book Cover Designs; Catching A Reader’s
Attention Demands Expertise

It’s pretty common til now that a reader scans through the bookshelf hoping to find something new and exciting. There are some of the factors that help an author in making his/her book ‘ exciting enough’ to catch for the reader’s attention, but the most important factor among rest is the way the book cover of the respective book is designed.

A book that can be openly displayed on the reader’s way to work or at a restaurant where they are having a sip of their coffee or at any place where he or she wants to put an impression of their taste in books. And all this can be achieved through a creatively made book cover design.
With These Steps You Can Create An Awesome Book Cover Design:
Here we will guide you to sample of book cover designs and some of the ways through which you can make a book cover design worth showing off:


Know About The Format

book cover design format

Before jumping to how to make book cover designs here’s what you need to work beforehand.

We are living in the world where almost everything has turned visual and digital, Similarly, books have found their updated version; ebook. So it’s important to know where the book cover will be used, on which format. That is because, when it comes to printing and web, elements are pretty different.

If the book cover design will be printed then its necessary to question the format and size. The formats include paperback, hardback or casebound. And about size… Well, the part of going for the ideal sizes an author has the right to be extra or as minimal as he/she wants.


After Collecting Information, It’s Time To Stress Your Brain

book cover design ideas

Design a book cover design involves creativity, and when it comes to creativity, work can’t be done without pressuring the mind.

To develop a concept, there are a few things you can ask yourself to come up with a unique concept to work on later. The first and foremost thing to question is what is the book representing and whom is it representing to; who is the targeted audience.

Stressing your mind to find out the inspiration of the author, aspiration, his aim of success and his emotional attachment, all of this can help you build a concept of the book cover design which when comes to life, depicts the actual motive of the book.


Always Display The Book’s Genre

book cover design genre ideas

Remember that people don’t have that much time on book shopping to read the preface of the book in order to judge what its genre is. One should always put the genre on display, by making the book cover high on legibility.

In other words, no matter what your book’s genre is; whether its fiction, non-fiction, love story, horror, mystery or whatever, the book cover should have the potential to communicate with the readers.


Never Forget; Less is More

book cover tips

The art of communicating is usually sabotaged by stuffing the matter with creativity. In the branding and marketing industry, the principle of minimalism is always encouraged. Even for the custom book cover design the practice of minimalism always work out.

The style of minimalism is timeless. A book made today but displayed 200 years after, carrying a minimalist-designed book cover will surely keep its touch persistent.


These were some of the mystery-tips that designers always neglect while designing a book cover. Remember, these tips when applied can make an increase in the life expectancy of a book.


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