10 Logo Design Rules That Every Designer Needs To Know

Logo designing is hard. But if you follow some rules you can come up with a professional logo without much effort.

Logo design is a tricky business, but there are some rules all the best logos adhere to. We asked leading logo designers to tell us what they are. The logos might look simple, but logo designing is a tedious process.

Let’s look at some of the rules that website designers can use to make their logos worth remembering.

  • Can the Logo Scale?

If the logo is designed for desktop, will the pixels disperse if the same logo is used on the brochure?

Your logo needs stability. If a logo is used on a mobile, how will it appear on print?

The logo must be designed by keeping scaling in mind. A logo should be able to scale so that the brand name doesn’t get lost.

  • What is the context?

A logo is the message that a brand sends towards its audience. If the context of your brand is not highlighted in the logo, it will be difficult for a new customer to make the connection between the brand and the customer.

The colors in the logo and the typography used in the logo should represent the context that your brand holds and offers.

  • Ditch the tricks  

To design a logo, you need timeless simplicity and longevity in the design. One rule to follow is to follow the minimalistic approach. The more simplify you things, better it will be for the customers to relate with it.

  • Avoid the Clutter

A good logo is unique, simple, and away from all the clutter. If the logo is too cluttered it won’t do any good to the customer. Usually a simple text, one shape, or a tagline will be able to grab the attention of the user.

  • Try bespoke typography

What is one thing common in Cadbury logo and the McDonalds logo?

Familiarity. Both the logos have a wide audience and people can recognize logos for both the brands. If you want to design logos, you need to use bespoke typography.

Bespoke is a type which is expensive that is why not many brands try it. But you can try it because there is not much of competition out there.

  • Make it personal

If the logo is not personal what is the point of making it public. There should be something familiar in the logo. An everyday thing which users can relate to. If the logo is not showcasing a personal touch, it won’t be a good deal. You need to make something personal out of it.

  • Go Vector

Gone are the times that shapes can be raster and go away with it. For now, there must be vector logos. If the brands don’t use vector images it would be difficult brands to scale the logo for printing or any other large-scale marketing campaign.

  • What is the Brand Personality?

Some key ingredients can develop the brand personality. The color, the shape, and the typography that you use to build up the brand image.

Anything that you use in the logo will add an ingredient to the brand personality.

  • Versatility wins

Everything that you do with the logo must add something new to the market. You cannot rely on old-school methods to succeed. You must try something different. Some variables that can help the brand go beyond the fold.

  • Be Incisive and innovative

If you want to differentiate your brand from others, you must use something new. Innovate and see how customers get attracted towards your brand. Provide them something of value and inclusive and see how they come towards your brand.

To conclude it all

A logo is something which is the representation of the brand. If you don’t take care of the brand logo it might lead the customers to the wrong direction. What are your brand values? Your logo will define the values and set perspective around it. Follow the tips mentioned above to design a logo in a more detailed and fun manner.

A logo is not just part of branding, it is part of your brand personality. It’s important to give value to logo creation.


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