Best Business Card Designs trending in 2020

With the passage of time, digital world has gained immense power over every marketing technique. However, business cards are a traditional marketing tool; they grasp the right attention and after all the digital its influence – good old business cards are still considered as a crucial medium of marketing with no digital replacement been found. Best business card designs can help businesses to understand the necessity of a trendy and cool business card. According to researchers, an opinion is formed every five seconds. So, businesses must invest in crafting best business card designs so as to create an impression of your brand on every person they meet and introduce themself.

The first impression is the last impression.

Remember the phrase for once and for all. Marketers need to implement this every time they are creating something because marketing is all about convincing your audience by making impactful impressions. Business cards are the primary source of marketing, building lasting relationships among businesses and clients since forever.

Best business card designs are those that represents audience’s interest, and display the features any audience would look for. No, they are not outdated shacky items to keep their bundles inside your drawer, but on an average, 27 billion business cards get printed in the United States every day. Why do you think bigger businesses are investing in best business card designs? Of course, they bring business to them and builds their clitella base.

Trending Business Cards Designs in 2020:

  • Simple and Minimalist Designs
  • Flashy Neon Colors Designs
  • Elegant Monochromatic Designs
  • Non-Conformist Shape Designs
  • Perforated Designs
  • Tangible Hand Illustrated Designs

Let’s get started;


Simple and Minimalist Designs:

This trend is a visual delight with the usage of minimal colors, fonts and artwork. The best business card designs must be simple and unique having a perspective to showcase in each design. Dooming the concept of specious artwork and encouraging minimalistic beauty.


  • Sleek and stylish variations with Mate surface
  • Beautifully used line art
  • Usage of a few colors
  • Simple and cleverly arranged lines with text
  • The amalgam of geometric lines, dots and few colors is a good blend
  • Popularly used Font style – Sans Serifs
  • Freedom of orientation i.e. Name, Address, Contact information

Flashy Neon Color Designs:

The bright and strong colors hold up your sights for a while. This helps in engaging clients towards your business card design. Best business card designs welcome the flashy neon colors as they are bold and attractive. They are highly trending among technology and graphic related businesses.


  • Usage of bold and vibrant colors
  • Can use pastel colors with muted neon’s
  • Color combinations with subtle and neon colors
  • Use neon text pop-ups on a subtle mate surface
  • Spurn the concept of heavy text
  • Variations in shapes, symbols and line art can be done

Elegant Monochromatic Designs:

Playing with the modernist approaches, best business card designs help to dive into the world of classic black and white. These monochromatic designs showcase elegance, sophistication, royalty and modernity.


  • Minimal variations
  • Combo of black and white colors
  • Usage of symmetrical and geometric lines
  • Fancy shapes and symbols
  • Overlapping patterns and images used
  • Bold and wide text

Non-Conformist Shape Designs:

No need to keep things traditional by using a rectangular shaped 3.5 by 2 inches business card. Let’s try out something unique and engaging. How about non-conformist shape designs? The shape of the cards can be built in any form straightened squares to  circles to the shape of your logo design.

Don’t worry!  Business card design cost quite less. Just be creative with what you do.


  • Make your logo as a business card
  • Turn out the business card into another object and symbol
  • Keep the corers soft and sharp
  • Choose color combinations according to your business
  • Incorporate relevant Images
  • Your shapes can stretch out from the boundaries
  • Use some textured material on the surface
  • Don’t stuff your cards with too much text

Perforated Designs:

Designers have to think out of the box for recommending the best business card designs that can gain the attention of clients at once. Here you go! With perforated designs, you can have an ornamental pierced effect attained through shaped blocks with open spaces.


  • Use it on a flat subject that makes it visually visible
  • Try using monochromatic colors
  • Create a blend of traditional carving and stamping
  • Incorporate 3D effect
  • Keep them elegant and modern to make the logo visible
  • Add information and graphics at one side of the card
  • Put up promotional events on the other side

Tangible Hand Illustrated Designs:

Things that can be touched give more exposure, thus are engaging. Hand illustrated artwork is a new trend being noticed among the best business card designs. It creates approachability and defines the creatively original sight of your business.


  • Use pastels with attractive motifs
  • Incorporate hand drawn features
  • Transform objects into intimate items
  • Illustrations can cover the surface of the cards
  • Colorful combinations with subtle and neon colors
  • Use patterns, symbols and stripes
  • Detailed illustrations mixed up with minimal white colors
  • sleek and elegant geometrical lines
  • Textured card with colorful edges amidst hand illustration well

Grow Your Network with Business Cards Designs 2020:

If you’re planning to increase your networking channel but you don’t have any idea of business cards. No worries! Up are some of the best business card designs that’ll make your clients say “Wow!” and that also at an affordable cost. There is a wide variety of logo design companies that offer complimentary business cards along with other packages, and you can also get them designed individually at fairly low prices.

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