5s Irresistible Logo Design Tips that you cannot afford to miss

It can break you; it can make you. It tells your story to the rest of the world. Your values, goals, and what is business is all about.

It is more than colors, shapes, and tagline. It is a logo that can bring life into your brand’s soul.

It is the first thing that customer’s see and judge your brand before they buy anything from you.

Your business might be fantastic; you have a professional team, precise goals, and an excellent product. However, if no one knows about your brand, how will people trust the brand.

Don’t worry. Whether you are designing a logo yourself, or you’ve hired a professional logo design agency, these tips will help you to create a perfect logo.

  • Pour your Soul in the logo

You must immerse yourself in the design process. Just before you start designing the logo think of what core values and goals of your business are.

What is the one thing that makes your company great? What is the unique value that your brand is selling?

Once you know everything about the brand, you can move forward on the drawing board. Here, you will put all your energy and effort to get the best out of your brand and display it in the logo.

  • Typeface matters a lot

Do you know that some fonts drive particular emotions in your customers?

This is true because the text of your logo will signify the character that your brand holds. You must choose it carefully.

You can use the typefaces which are already available in the market, or you can design your own (which is quite unnecessary). It’s important to remember that when using the typefaces, it is vital to know that those typefaces represent your company goals and values.

  • Go for Type-Only logo

Most of the time the typeface and the text that you use, reveals a lot about your company values.

This is why it is essential for a type-only logo. A logo with a carefully chosen typography. It will make it easy for customers to remember your logo and create a perspective about your company in the eyes of your potential customers.

  • Use a Combination

It is not just about using a random tagline, or a color that can help your company market your business.

The right combination is necessary because every element of your logo will create an impression on your potential customer. Write the mission statement and see what you can get from that statement and pour it into your logo.

  • Get Feedback but don’t follow all

Designing a logo is not easy. It would help if you grabbed the attention of the user and at the same time make an excellent first impression.

It is necessary to understand that a logo must not offend anyone. To stop this from happening, take feedback from people, the ones that you trust. It is not essential that you take all the advice from people, but it is necessary to learn what is wrong with your logo.


To conclude it all, there is no single blueprint for designing a logo. It takes much time and thinking to come up with something memorable. These tips are learned from companies and brands which share much success.

Ensure that the logo you design is minimal, simple, color is according to the branding that you have for your company. You can take the elements of your logo and see which of the elements in your logo are used to engage customers and make them remember your company goals.


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