Why do you need a Creative Graphic Resume Design

A resume is a vital tool for job searching because it provides one or two pages where you will be able to display your qualities and skills. Resumes help employers in hiring decisions and help you in getting your first interview. That is why your resume’s structure and the information you decide to include are what matters the most. This document solely can change your career for always. Investing some additional hours into it will increase your chances of landing the job that you desired so much.


Is using a creative graphic resume design worth it?

It’s a dream of every individual to stand out from the crowd and make a point to the corporative world. Creating a graphic resume design is a better way to show your uniqueness in front of the employer in the best way. Potential and skills are more or less the same in comparison to other applicants. However, your communication with the employer through your resume is what matters the most.

Decorative resumes on colored paper may look attractive, but often, they are tossed to the side immediately. While managers love distinct, organized content that is in an easy-to-read format, they are not as contented with resumes that include a ton of colors and logos. These resumes can seem silly and unprofessional.

However, in some careers, a visual resume can be an excellent way of demonstrating your ability. Following are few suggestions that will help you decide when you need to use a graphic resume.

creative graphic resume design


When to use a graphic resume?

In certain careers, only professionals should consider using a graphic resume. These include artists, advertising specialists, web designers, and graphic designers. In case you don’t work in these fields, avoid using a creative format and go for a simple resume. If you work or looking for work in a field where the graphic resume is relevant, it is a great idea to have an online job and upload your resume through the applicant tracking system of an employer. It is important to keep in mind that the ATS software can’t view the graphics you created with a lot of effort. Stick to a graphic-free, simple resume for your online applications as well as save the graphic resume whether you are snail-mailing or emailing your resume to anyone.


Essential things you need to consider when creating a resume design

In this era of severe market competition, where employers hardly have time to dig deep into each and every resume, your resume must leave a positive impact on them in a few seconds. Therefore, how do you want your resume design to look like in terms of text font, layout, and creativity?

need to consider when creating a resume design


This is actually what we will discuss here and guide you to design a simple yet creative resume.


Designing resume as per business

A creative resume will not work in every business. This is one crucial thing that you must remember while crafting a creative resume. If you are copywriting a job in an ad agency or applying for an art director, a creative resume will be an added benefit. However, if you are applying for technical or banking jobs, a simple resume with essential pointers will be enough. So, ensure to keep your resume business-specific.


Don’t make your resume too complicated

Every applicant makes his/her resume too cluttered in order to give it a creative touch. Keep your resume design simple as well as creative. Don’t forget to mention the keywords and key points in your resume when making it look creative. Yes, it is good to give your resume a creative touch, nevertheless, it is about your goals, objectives, experience, and skills that at last weigh heavier than the colors, fonts, and layouts of the resume.


Make your objective evidence and to the point

You must keep in mind that employers don’t have sufficient time to view thoroughly every resume. So, your resume should captivate the employer within seconds or otherwise he might go to the next. This is the reason you must mention the key points at first, and it must be visible and readable. Creativity is not just about using graphics, colors, and fonts in your resume, but how nicely you present your purpose or objective of the job in a smart way.

Thus, use concise sentences and mention the job’s purpose, your experience, and how your skills suit the job best you are applying for at the foremost place.


Be original

In the end, don’t strive to fake anything while writing or designing your resume. Be original as possible as they may impress the potential employers at the foremost place. Present your resume in a way that exactly defines you. The graphic, color, and font you use should even match your inner thoughts. In brief, don’t overdo anything just to make your resume design look creative.

So, there are few ways you can make your resume look simple yet creative and informative that will certainly impress potential employers.


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