25 Funky Fonts that make your Designs Expressive

Life is better when served with a caption in funky fonts, that’s for sure!

Everyone is clear on the fact that any business cannot witness success without a considerable online presence and that can be ensured only if you use the right weapons such as funky fonts for logo!

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting new fonts that can give your website the boost it needs!


Unique and trendy all at the same time! It plays well with having roots in an exclusive, foreign land which automatically drags in the element of mystery and allure.

A shabbier version

With trends leaning towards the younger set, this particular font is the perfect balance between a defined font and something scruffier; rougher around the edges. It could do really well as funky fonts for logo.


If your product or website deals with more serious stuff which calls for a professional approach then Braxton is a wonderful combination of calligraphy and professional fonts which can spruce up your website!


The name is weird for sure. But wouldn’t it go amazingly well with any website or content boasting something magical? It even sounds like some of the complicated spells Hermione Granger used!


This one is for the stylishly bookish people. It just goes to show that fashion isn’t for a selected few, it is for all! Funky fonts such as these can spice up every genre as long as they are used in the right combinations.


Some of the ever-green classics such as Vogue and Calvin Klein have used Bodoni in creating logos. It was created in the late 1700s but is very much relevant even today.


Created by the designers Claude Garamond and Jean Jannon, this too has been used by major brands such as the one mentioned owing to the classical strokes that have the ability to combine trendy with professional in the perfect mix!


Uniquely enforcing its bold presence, the font Didot was created way back in 1799.


An old and classic looking font for sure. It has an old-school feel to it that could go well with content looking to promote things that are a bit older, say a website dealing with vintage items and the like.


Created in 2016, it is definitely a fresh take on an old-school vibe. It is cool, funky and fun for sure!


Created in Chile, the font would go well with just about anything. The cursive part flows well with the blend of capital letters, lending muted sophistication to the entire text.

Bodoni Egyptian Pro

It seems like the old world charm is here to stay and there’s no better way to reinforce it than by using this particular font. Funky fonts for websites can switch up the entire look of the content you are looking to convey!

Bambusa Pro

As uniquely fun as its name, try it out with your content to give it a lift like no other.


As the name clearly suggests, the font is often associated with places dealing with edible items. The hint of trendy and traditional is truly exclusive!


The name of this font itself is a clever wordplay considering the look of the font. Tactfully leaving spaces free in the alphabets and thus capturing the attention of the viewer.


Clearly inspired by the Atlantic, the font is cool and definitely funky!


It is important to captivate the attention of your potential viewers from the get-go. Creating a theme centering Elixia can surely help you do that with its fun colors and unique font.


Popping like the music genre it hints at, the font will definitely be a hit among the younger set who are constantly seeking out things that differ tastefully!


Does your website have content relating to the universe at large? Well then use this font to make sure it has viewers in numbers that are “out of this world”!

Raptor Sans

Raptor Sans will have you reminiscing about the care free days of browsing books, so engrossed in their stories that you forgot about the world!


A perfect match for content dealing with video games or anything really from the sci-fi genre!

Exan – 3

On a personal level, it brings to mind the vast frozen plains depicted in Game of Thrones where the White Walkers came riding atop their dead horses!


One font that in my opinion can match just about anything, be it related to fashion, books, food and everything in between!


A beautifully crafted script drawing its origins from calligraphy.


Another script you have probably noticed quite often, the font will do well to strike a chord with all age groups in today’s era!


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