Types of Generations and their Social Media Usage – How it contributes to your Business

Every ad campaign is incomplete without demographic data that is an essential key element while constructing your target audiences for social media.

Generational distinctions have a huge impact on how people socialize with your brand, from the recognition stage to the promotion phase.

To understand how generations work, they are categorized into the following divisions based on a survey that was conducted in United Nations.

  • Generation Z (ages between 18-24)
  • Millennials (ages between 25-40)
  • Generation X (ages between 41-56)
  • Baby Boomers (ages between 57-74)

These divisions help in creating an understanding that how generations use social media which is most crucial than ever, which is the reason you must have an idea of behaviors and expectations of each generation so that you can maximize the results through your ad campaigns.

Let’s take a brief look that how these pre-defined generations use social media.


The Generation Z

The Usage:

Generation Z also known as “Zoomers” are highly active on social media. They have a huge impact on social media in their lives. They are super social and loves to communicate with friends and family.

They know mostly all the features that social media had to offer. This generation is increasing day by day. As years passed, almost 65% of Gen Z users have increased in the past year, continuing to climb.


Expectations from Brands:

Gen Z loves to interact with brands with a social presence. According to survey reports, 66% confess that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies. They contribute in the awareness stage and have no issues in sharing the personal information they have made public.

Gen Z has a strong understanding that how businesses use their data for marketing purposes, and instead of being shy they are always willing to help the businesses by granting them access to their data for a more personalized experience depending on their previous interactions.


How it contributes to your Business:

While targeting Gen Z you can implement interactive posts like polls, feedback gathering, triggers at the end of the posts.

Before you implement such posts, you need to have an idea about the trends, keywords being targeting for which you can refer to Google Trends or use social apps trending features that provide you with a piece of information that what’s trendy.

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The Millennials

The Usage:

Millennials are the outdated social media users who have social presence since social media came into existence but are not much active on social media or use it only in their free time.

Most Millennials are busy with their adult life and their milestones and interests changes that include focusing on job/business, parenthood, elder care, etc.

According to the survey around 70% of the state that social media has been essential in their daily lives, but they are not much activity due to the responsibilities and priorities they have to deal with in their real lives.

Most of the still use social media stated below ranked according to their priorities,

  • Being in the loop with their friends and families.
  • Using social apps for work
  • Killing time when waiting for something
  • Learning about new trends or DIY stuff
  • Following up on the breaking news or weather forecasts


Expectations from Brands:

Associating your brand with a lifecycle, activity, or anything of interest can help you in getting their attention towards your brand.

You can also add an element of emotions into your strategy that helps them establish an emotional connection and makes your ads highly relatable to them.

Millennials are stepping into professional life and their lifecycle changes, from working at some job, looking after their kids, or their elder parents as compared to future generations. You can play an instrumental role by developing online communities where people with similar interests can connect and with your brand.


How it contributes to your Business:

You can simply research the pain points of the Millennials, and how you can solve them by linking them with real-life scenarios and emotions.


The Generation X

The Usage:

Generation X is a mixture of a large portion of Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Although they are small in size, they are still in great numbers on social media. Gen X is eventually growing rapidly over the last 3 years. The research found Gen X tends to stick to the social media their trust.

These are old generation having an idea of the traditional marketing but somewhere not go along much with the digital marketing scenarios. They have their own perspective regarding the brands and products, and it’s not a piece of cake to make up their minds.


Expectation from Brands:

GEN X expects brand content to be educational and exciting. You can provide them with all sorts of DIY videos, Easy tutorials, and in-depth explanations regarding your brand as a solution to their problems.


How it Contributes to your Business:

Gen X is hard to fetch, but once they are on board, they are turnout to be the most loyal customers, so it’s like a hit or miss thing. If you can fetch a couple of Gen X customers, they will become your recursive customers for the longest duration of time.


The Baby Boomers

The Usage:

Baby Boomers are the oldest adults who typically have a hard time understanding social media. There is still a portion of them that use social media.


Expectation from Brands:

Baby boomers share similarities and like to connect with the brands of their interest. If you are offering a service they might be interested in, you are doing the 60 percent thing right.

They expect brands to make their lives easier by providing daily life solutions that provide comfort and ease.


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